Сompany registration in Poland

Starting a business in Poland is a great business decision as it allows you to expand the possibilities and new ways of optimizing your current business. The jurisdiction is extremely loyal to foreign investors and offers them attractive terms and conditions; Your funds will be deposited with reliable European banks. State guarantees for the return of deposits. an advantage of registering a company in Poland. In addition, LLC income tax is 9% (provided that the company’s profit does not exceed $ 1,200,000 per year). There are no issues with opening a corporate non-resident bank account. You can open the company remotely without personal presence.


You need to show the information about the founder and director of the company;

Passport data if the founders are natural persons and legal documents if the founders are legal persons);

Passports of the founders and the founders themselves who have already drawn up the deed of incorporation of the company — in the case of registration by a notary on arrival in Poland.

Powers of attorney of the founders for the trustee, notarized and translated passport copies, prepared articles of association.

Previously received electronic digital signatures (EDS) from the founders — for online registration.

The founders’ previously activated trusted EPUAP profiles created for online registration.

The state tries to attract foreigners with tax incentives and a stable economy. Poland is very loyal to foreign entrepreneurs. Poland has no special regulations for foreigners.

Legal address

Every company in Poland needs a legal address. The legal address required to receive your business correspondence and it is also assumed that the board of directors of the company concerned is at this address, documents are stored and the company is administered.

Bank account

The customer must have all identification data (copy of passport, notarized electricity bill, signed detailed curriculum vitae, bank reference letter confirming the good relationship of the customer with the bank, and a police clearance certificate inconclusive and requirements can be changed.

Legal name

The company name must be unique. There are no special requirements for a name, other than the following words must appear at the end of the company name: “Limited liability company” or the abbreviation “Sp. Z o.o.” or “Spółka z o.o.”.


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