زواج مسيار اسطنبول: Make your sexual relationship “Halal”

زواج مسيار اسطنبول also known as temporary marriage or traveller’s marriage is a verbal and private marriage practiced in Shia Islam which is a kind of contract in written format with specified mehr for a specified duration in the contract. During this period, the male and the female are eligible for some marital rights such as living together, housing and home keeping etc.  زواج مسيار اسطنبول can be very useful for such type of people which don’t want to engage themselves with someone for life time. زواج مسيار اسطنبول is much supported by many Islamic lawyers as this type of marriage fulfill the physical, mental and emotional needs of one. According to Islam, zina(fornication) and other sexual relationship with someone else without marriage is haram(forbidden) in Islam.

Many have financial issues and cannot afford to marry again; some of them are widow or may be separated,  and if they think they don’t have choice so they are wrong. They have a choice to get indulge in زواج مسيار اسطنبول. It’s not only about if you are getting married for the first time, suppose you want a citizenship of Istanbul, it is very difficult to get a green card of any other county as there are much legal formalities and somewhere no country want any outsider to come to them and live forever. زواج مسيار اسطنبول can help you to get the green card of Istanbul as well. Once you are married with a girl or boy who already has citizenship of Istanbul you will also become citizen of Istanbul. Now the most difficult part of this زواج مسيار اسطنبول is to find a perfect match. It is obvious that you can’t reach to each widow or single person and ask them generally that if they can marry you for temporary time.

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