‍What are the benefits of laparoscopic surgery?

best laparoscopic surgeon in Jabalpur

best laparoscopic surgeon in Jabalpur

Surgical methods have developed massively over the long run. Much newer, safer, and better surgical methods have arrived which have expanded the quality of life of a surgical patient; laparoscopic surgery is one of them. It is otherwise called minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopic surgery in Jabalpur is done for many medical conditions. This modern surgical method is being performed by the best laparoscopic surgeon in Jabalpur Dr. Digant Pathak.


These are several benefits of laparoscopic surgery:-


  1. Very small scars.-

Because laparoscopic hernia surgery in Jabalpur 

involves making small incisions, there’s a lower probability of bleeding complications. The large incision made during traditional open surgery also expands the risk of infection and is vulnerable to herniation during the healing process, particularly in patients who are overweight or obese.


  1. You get out of the hospital quicker:-

In traditional methods, the recovery time of a patient was 4 weeks to about 2 months but according to Dr. Digant Pathak who is the best hernia surgeon in Jabalpur patients after laparoscopic hernia surgery in Jabalpur recovers in 2 to 3 weeks and hospital stay is of only 2 nights).


  1. Less pain while scar heals – lesser use of painkillers.-

Laparoscopy is carried out under general anesthetic, So you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. In terms of patient safety, one suggested gallbladder surgery in Jabalpur should go with Laparoscopy especially when it is about operations related to your abdominal or pelvic regions.


  1. You get back to your normal activities sooner:-

Usually, gallbladder surgeons in Jabalpur suggest Patients after gallbladder stone surgery in Jabalpur to rest and stay away from sports, heavy lifting and swimming for somewhere around a multi-week, and patients can continue their ordinary daily schedule for around fourteen days. Also, GERD surgery in Jabalpur performed by Dr. Digant Pathak requires only a couple of days in the hospital with the patient able to return to work after one week.


  1. As exposure to internal organs gets diminished to external contaminants, consequently the risk of infections is reduced:-

The utilization of a thin, long flexible instrument called a laparoscope used to analyze and treat medical conditions reduces the risk of outside pollutants entering the body which makes it more safe and less infective. Dr. Digant Pathak carries out hernia operations in Jabalpur and he is considered the most trusted and reliable hernia surgeon in Jabalpur.

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