10 Best Facebook Extensions for Firefox and Chrome

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networks. Gaining enormous popularity in the last decade, Facebook boasts an active user count of 2.6 billion individuals who take advantage of a plethora of features offered by the platform. From setting up your profile to managing your business page, Facebook has offered a lot of functionalities for its audiences and others have followed in the steps to provide additional features. Browsers like Chrome offer special extensions for platforms like Facebook for its users to get these benefits in one place. Moreover, these extensions prove to be useful as they provide functionalities that Facebook usually doesn’t. Here are a few Facebook extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

  1. Social Fixer

One of the most popular extensions for Facebook is the Social Fixer extension. The extension allows you to carefully filter your news feed by using keywords that you want to avoid. This will allow any posts that include the keyword to be hidden from the news feed. This extension is for those who wish to gain additional control over their feed so that unnecessary posts will be eliminated from the main News Feed. Social Fixer is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

  • Photo Zoom

You can now view any photo on Facebook without actually opening it. Photo Zoom extension allows you to hover your cursor on an image and it will automatically fill the screen with the largest size available for display. This allows you to see any picture in great detail. This extension saves a lot of time and RAM as many modern browsers are known to run into RAM problems with a high amount of tabs open simultaneously.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management platforms and many have found it incredibly useful to manage their social media presence through Hootsuite’s innovative features. You can now enjoy these features in a simpler format by downloading the Hootlet extension for Chrome and Firefox. This extension allows you to schedule posts as well as track them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Facebook Flat

Have you always hated the Facebook layout and wanted a simpler interface? The Facebook Flat extension allows you to access Facebook in a much simpler user interface. The menus are flat and the overview removes all the unnecessary information like ads and banners. This extension also keeps you updated on viral posts.

  • F.B.Purity

This extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome. It allows you to control your news feed by blocking posts that contain certain keywords. When you type your keyword, all the posts that include the keyword will be made hidden so that you can enjoy a better experience. It also allows you to disable auto-play for videos and sort your posts so that you don’t miss out on crucial information.

  • Toolbar button for Facebook

This toolbar button is your answer to all the scattered notifications that hamper the Facebook experience. This extension allows you to access all your notifications without leaving your current page. This is made possible by a single button in the Chrome toolbar that keeps track of all the Facebook notifications. This means that you never have to visit the Facebook page for every notification.

  • Friend Convert

This extension allows you to add a targeted set of friends and remove them in a single click. This extension is aimed at building an audience from various Facebook groups and lets you take control of your friends list. You can also delete any annoying pending requests in bulk. The extension has become useful for people who want better control over managing their Facebook friends at their own pace through simple interface and easy options.

  • Share Button

Sharing a webpage with your friend is easy with this extension which allows you to send a webpage to your Facebook friend by clicking a single button. This extension also adds a new option of sharing an image through Facebook when you right-click on an image.

  • Multiple Tools for Facebook

A collection of tools is bundled into this extension which provides a list of features to the user. By exploring the settings of this extension, one can restrict people from downloading your profile photo. This tool also allows you to hide read receipts so that users don’t get notified that you have read their messages. You can also scan various groups for the type of people that are a part of the group.

  •  Color Changer

You can now give a fresh paint over your Facebook page’s blue theme. This extension allows you to also change fonts, headers, texts, chat layout, and background. This extension will be a conversation starter that you can flaunt among your friends. All you need to do is search ‘Color Changer for Facebook’ in Chrome’s Web Store.

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