10 Data Analytics Use Cases for Retail

InfoCepts has extensive experience in helping retail organizations embrace data literacy, intelligent automation, monetize data assets, and optimize cloud-based investments. These use cases illustrate how we used data analytics to address different issues:

  1. Retail Health Index solution increases decision accuracy, speed, and reach

InfoCepts’ Retail Health Index solution enabled a global luxury retailer to make data-driven decisions. Our solution provided promotion and traffic-related KPIsandstore-level sales information in realtime. We integrated gamification elements to motivate employees and boost customer engagement in stores.

  1. Multiple dashboard and visualizations increases data literacy and user adoption

Using data storytelling techniques, InfoCepts created multiple dashboards and visualizations that help a retail chain obtain actionable insights from their data, resulting in higher user adoption by 32 percent in just three months.

  1. Automation suite rationalizes data management operations costs

We helped a US-based omnichannel retailer specializing in high-end clothes for special occasions save up to $60,000 annually by rationalizing their ETL operation efforts. The solution automatically monitored their environment,reduced debugging efforts and indentifieddependencies in their data processing jobs.

  1. Interactive geospatial application monitors retail operations

InfoCepts developed a robust, scalable, and secure app with automated insights for sales management, leasing, and outlet space to boost efficiency gains and productivity.It helped an airport group optimize its rental operations to foster a culture of financial prudence, data-driven decision-making, and an impactful passenger experience.

  1. Quicker data provisioning boosts time to value

InfoCepts developed and implemented a data integration and access strategy for a specialty retailer to provide governed, universal access to their critical data sources. This approach supports low-cost and quick data integration and increased agility when using new data resources.

  1. Data literacy programreduces IT costs

InfoCepts helped a leading luxury travel retailer modernize and implement analytics in its core operations. Our data literacy program introduced new business benefits and reduced IT support costs.

  1. Data streaming solution transforms warehouse operations

We helped an iconic retail industry retailer transform how they use analytics by providing a data streaming solution that broke down data silos and focused on inflight project requirements.

  1. Space profitability analytics makes brand spaces accountable

We provided a scalable and secure space profitability solution that saves the client $1.5M each year. It helps foster a culture of data-driven decision-making, financial prudence, and intrapreneurship.

  1. Self-service analytics empowers users

We worked with the business teams of a leading fashion company to create a near real-time, self-service cloud-based solution for retail customer analytics. It improved their data-to-decision cycle time by more than five times and minimized the cost of delivering insights by 30 percent.

  1. Embracing the cloud democratizes data and analytics

InfoCepts worked with a leading luxury travel retailer to rollout a cloud transformation and modernization plan. Our solution helped reduce operating costs by 30 percent, expanded their user base by 35 percent, and enhanced system performance by 20 percent.

About The author:

Sundeep is a technology enthusiast who works with tech entrepreneurs, founders, C-suite executives, cross-functional teams, and CoE leaders to distill and share key insights with the tech community. His body of work includes Data & Analytics, Data Storytelling, Blockchain, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and GeoMarketing.

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