10 Facebook Jail Secrets to Avoid Being Blocked

10 Facebook Jail Secrets to Avoid Being Blocked

There are cases where some people find themselves in ‘Facebook Jail’ without even knowing what ‘Facebook Jail’ actually is! Therefore, for all such users, we bring this blog that includes everything about ‘Facebook Jail’ and the ‘Secrets to avoid Facebook Jail’. So, without wasting any further minute let’s get started reading:

 Facebook Jail Meaning:

Facebook Jail’ term is used commonly when Facebook blocks someone’s power or ability to perform any activity on the site. Basically, it means that it blocks you from posting as well as commenting on the website content already posted. And, it’s a serious thing because along with the temporary block, Facebook will even block you permanently which can lead to account termination.

Reasons behind Facebook Jail:

Not one or two, there are many reasons for which, Facebook will block profiles and pages to post any content on the website. They are as follows:

  • Posting any inappropriate content on Facebook
  • Getting unnecessarily too many likes and that too very fast
  • Not following Facebook T&C.
  • Unusual or bad behavior with other users (Misbehaving, threatening, etc)
  • Or breaking Facebook rules.

So, due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, you might receive an email saying that the ‘Features have been disabled for you.”

How Long Does Facebook Block You?

 It usually depends on the type of offense that users commit. However, to be precise, Facebook will jail/block you for:

  • Few hours
  • Three Days
  • Six Days
  • For a week, or
  • Permanently.

But, after reading this blog you’ll definitely get to know about the ways which you can perform to fully avoid the situation in the nearby future. Yes! Getting out of the situation and fully avoiding the situation; both are in your hands. So, let’s read further about the ways to avoid Facebook Jail:

  1. Avoid Plagiarism: Until you are posting the link to the content, it is totally fine but as soon as you copy the whole content and images which are subject to copyright will land you in Facebook Jail/block.
  2. Don’t Spam: It is obvious that no sit like spamming so try avoiding it.
  3. Tag carefully and avoid being anonymous: Try to tag only your real friends on Facebook and not everyone from your friend’s list because tagging anonymous people can lead to your Facebook account being blocked.
  4. Make use of the site properly: To do so, try to know how the website works and how can you benefit from the features of the Facebook site.
  5. Use only one account per person: If you are using two accounts and Facebook get to know about the link between the two accounts then you’re done.
  6. Avoid being weird: Never send too many requests to too many people at one time.
  7. Aware of getting into other’s dirty play: Try to save yourself from people who can get your page marked as spam.
  8. Don’t Misbehave: Avoid getting into any hate speech, attacks, or threats to any person or group on Facebook.
  9. Don’t comment or like too much: Liking and commenting too much can also lead to blocked Facebook account.
  10. Avoid posting too much content in a single day: Only post 5-6 posts in a day that’s it!
  11. Also, don’t post bad content: Avoid posting nude and provocative content to save you from getting banned.

Lastly, if you stuck being blocked by Facebook then what you can do is ‘File an Appeal for a Facebook Review’. Though to accept or reject the appeal is totally in the hands of Facebook but if Facebook will find you genuine then you will get a positive email about the outcome of your appeal.

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