10 Fun activities parents can do with their toddlers at the beach

Get ready for a fun-filled holiday with your kids. Check for hotels in Grayton beach for starters. Look out for some activities that you don’t wanna miss with your toddlers at the beach.

Bringing the kids along to the beach promises a ton of fun. But anyone who’s ever gone on a holiday with children knows how challenging this can be as well. You’ll want to plan ahead. Knowing a list of the top ten things you can do when you and your family finally hit the beach will come in handy.

Sure, it’s already worth it just being together and spending your time as a family. But with a solid plan, you can turn that vacation into one for the books. If you want a trip that your kids won’t soon forget,

Here are some of your beach with kids activities you should not be missing out on:

10) Play at the Beach


Plan on spending a lot of time playing games at the beach. A lively game of volleyball is an excellent idea. If you want easy access to the beach, though, make sure you pick a resort that’s close to the water. Check out some amenities hotel in Grayton beach like Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse, Inc. amongst others with the decades of fame, to find out which one rings the bells for you.

9) Visit the State Park

The State Park offers a ton of activities that you can do. Take selfies along the coastal dune lakes or go hiking. You and your family will see a lot of amazing sights.

8) Go Deep Sea Fishing

If your kids haven’t tried fishing before, there’s no better time than now to teach them. If you don’t have your own fishing gear or poles, no worries. There are local shops that supply rentals for everything you might need.

7) Go Swimming

You can’t go to a beach without taking a dip. Let your kids have fun in the water but make sure you and your partner are there to watch over them. Don’t let your guard down. Keep them from wandering too far into the deep by wading right alongside them.

6) See the Swamp

The Point Washington State Forest has a Cypress Swamp that’s just wonderful to see. The hiking isn’t as challenging, too, with plenty of shorter loops designed for families with younger kids.

5) Explore by Canoe

You can also check out the 100-acre waterway in the Grayton Beach area. It’s the perfect spot for canoeing. Paddle until you’re up close and personal with the local salt marsh ecosystem. You can also enjoy the area by kayaking. If you haven’t done either one, then you’ll have fun trying this for the first time with your family.

4) Do Bike Rides

There’s nothing like having an entire island that you can explore. Give the kids a chance to explore the place by taking them biking. The trails are fairly flat, so you won’t have to worry that your little ones won’t be able to keep up.

3) Enjoy a Visit to the Past

Go to the Eden Gardens State Park and look that the Wesley homestead. A visit to the homestead is like stepping back in time. If your kids love a bit of history, this is a must on your trip.

2) Surf

If you haven’t surfed, give it a try on this holiday. Take the kids, too. They’re sure to have fun trying to stay afloat.

1) Watch the Wildlife

Come back to the State Park and check out birds, deer, foxes, and other wildlife. Whatever you catch sight of will thrills your kids.

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