10 Killer Links for Entrepreneurs in 2017 (FS226)

As entrepreneurs we’re always finding new things to educate and give us a little motivation. Because, I mean, we’ve got to strategize and sh*t, you know!?

And strategizing takes effort.

And then after the strategy, we gotta do ALL THE WORK.

You know what I mean? That can take a lot out of a gal.

So, on the show today we’re talking about 10 links that are helping us so far this summer, 2017.

You’ll find books, ideas, products and services linked to below.

And more importantly, in the podcast episode you’ll hear WHY these things might be so important to your work.


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10 Links for Entrepreneurs — Ideas, Products, Books + Services to Know About in 2017
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Lisa Congdon: Art, Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist: a brief book on creating and marketing art as a business, just $ 1.99 on Amazon Kindle. Lisa is an illustrator, author, course instructor and fine artist based in Portland, OR.

  • Zen Courses interview with Lisa Congdon about teaching online: Lisa has taught on a bunch of platforms like Skillshare, CreativeBug and Creative Live. In this interview she talks about pros and cons of platforms, and creating online courses in general.
  • @lisacongdon on Instagram

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah: Hiten started Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout. One is venture capital backed & the others are self-funded. His weekly newsletter is focused on SaaS, but also covers startups and entrepreneurship in general, especially growth topics, including some topics aimed at startups that are a little further along.

  • What To Do If Your Product Isn’t Growing: (Austin Chang of Initialized Capital) – what startups usually do to grow a product in the beginning, and what they should do instead.
  • 10 Really great newsletters to check out.

Kindle Fire 7 Tablet ($ 49) vs. iPad mini ($ 399) — great conversation in the episode about this one from Corbett.


  • Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert — I’m loving these episodes with Liz. Many of them are short and sweet, and they hit the nail on the head when it comes to providing inspiration and the necessary mindset re-adjustments we need as people pursuing meaningful work.
  • Trint.com — quick n’ dirty affordable transcription service I’m loving for the Courage & Clarity podcast. I love having the text format of my interviews so I can read through, make notes and use them to record my intros + outros. Also a great service if you want to include transcription on your site for SEO & visitors who prefer reading over listening.
  • Woman Code by Alisa Vitti — a MUST for all our ladies (and guys who have ladies in their lives.) This book details a protocol for re-balancing hormones in order to achieve optimal health, fertility, mental clarity and vitality. Health should be a priority for all of us, but especially as entrepreneurs our mental state & physical body must be tended to. This book has changed the lives of many (myself included!)
  • Taco Bell is Launching a Brilliant New Lyft Feature Called “Taco Mode” — just for fun, because I mean, what?? 😃 Taco Bell realized that 14.8% of its customers visit between 10pm – 4am. Though it’s goofy, this is an example of observing a market, listening to your customers and treating every business idea as a hypothesis worth testing.


The Defiant Ones: A 4-part, nearly 5 hour documentary film portrait of two visionaries that illuminates both their colorful pasts and their historic influence on the music industry. The subjects are Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. HBO describes it as “a master class in how to work your way up from the bottom to beyond your wildest dreams.”

  • the filmmaking
  • the story
  • intersection of creativity and commerce

Magic Lessons Podcast: I love Liz Gilbert and I’m not afraid to admit it. Her podcast works like this: 1. regular people struggling to create something they want to create amidst all the daily life hubbub, 2. Liz’s excellent coaching, 3. excellent expert guests commenting on the creative process. I binged season 1 in 1 day.

  • The regular people
  • The experts

Peak Design Backpack & Tote Bag: Really well built and extremely thoughtfully designed bags. I especially am digging the tote bag as a daily carry bag (works like a backpack also, so great for when I ride my bike). I just love the way a great bag can make me feel a little fresher for a time.

  • Design thoughtfulness
  • Organization
  • Company marketing/positioning

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