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Johnson is 188cm high, weighs 98.5kg, Sciwiki.Io and there is not much risking. The front jet also got a free player Trell Pleier. In addition to these two people, the jet of the jet also includes Jemein Kieles, Quincy Enunwa, Adalers Stewart and Robie- Robby Anderson.

Starks’ appearance status from the failure to decline after training on Saturdays. This old will feel the pain in the knee after training, and the informed person revealed that the initial diagnosis is a half-month board injury.

The jet will run the Grovian-Bell joined the injury reserve list

Tuesday, the jet will joze the Waxe-Bell (leg teenage) to join the injury reserve list, while signing the previous dolphin running to guard Kalen Ballage.

Cowboy High-rise: It is expected that the quarter-Dak-Prescott can fully rehabilitate

Dak Prescott will not return this season, but Dallas denim believes that their quadrant can completely recover from serious injuries.

The main coach Jay-Grunden said: “Lost an all-pro of a fight is not good, Williams is the best cut-off me, but things are unreliable. We don’t have to change the plan, because the replacement of his Taiggong is good. When Thai is present, he can maximize his own destructive power and skills, there is such an excellent player, we can rest assured that the established plan. “

“Restoration is very good,” Rawls said to the media. “Run, change, work hard, return to the stadium. I look forward to returning in the first week. The entire restoration progress is very good. I didn’t have a rest because I had a more effort. So I am excited to return and fill it. Empty space in the distance. “

Johnson signed a contract with the Black Leopard a year ago, but because the knee injury failed to get the opportunity. When I played in Viking, Johnson completed 60 batches in three seasons, pushed 834 yards, and got 2 reached. In the 2014 season, he completed the best performance of his career, completed 31 battles, advanced 475 yards, and obtained 2 reaches.

“We avoid any complications that may occur when there is a bone to pierce skin. You are worried that there will be infection. Of course, we have avoided any such problems. We are fortunate to have a player like Dack, of course, he can’t play For us to fight very much, because of his ability, leadership and the contribution to the team as NFL’s four-point guards are top-level. “

However, the biggest problem now is that Prescott will become a free player during next year, and there will never be able to reach consensus with him this year. If the cowboy has to continue to use the privileged player label next year, the value of the privileged label will reach approximately US $ 37.68 million.

Packaging work for the replacement of Starks may absent a few weeks

James Starks not only determines the game to be absented to be at the game of Dallas, this green bay packaging runs may have missed a few weeks due to knee injury.

If necessary, McCarti may also make the outer handle Landal – Ty Montgomery assumes a mission. They completed a total of 7 shots this season, and Kobo said this week that he and Montgomery may need to be prepared to bear additional punch mission.

Rawls was fractured on December 13 last year and accompanied by ligament injury. He is not fresh about his belonging to his physical recovery ability. At April, he said that he will prepare to participate in the training camp. But when the training camp is getting closer, players and team members have been more clear about when he can return to the training ground. When asked this question, Rawls said he “affirmed” can participate in the training camp.

“This should not be surprised,” Jones said in an interview. “He is best to do for each matter, and he has done it for rehabilitation. He is very diligent in rehabilitation, which should not surprise anyone. They say that you may not believe, he is more than expected Faster and active rehabilitation. This should not be surprised. So we expect him to completely recover. “

Considering the start of Yidi-Resi (Eddie Lac) did not end up with the left ankle injury in the game, so that the packaging workers caught in trouble. This week he only participated in partial training, and Razi was listed as unable to determine if it was unable to determine if the injuries in Friday and Saturday was not determined.

From Rawls, you can see that the problem of replacing Linqi is not overlooking by the Hawks. Rawls showed that it was able to undertake heavy events last season, and he first seated 7 games to win the 830 yards of 4 times, and the Linqi shared a mushing opportunity to suffer from injuries.

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