10 Most Common Outlook Errors and Solutions

The outlook is one of the best platforms to manage and exchange emails. It is one of the essential tools in business, and if it prevents you from accessing and managing emails, then it can harm your business dealings as well. In such cases, it is essential to troubleshoot Outlook errors. But you may find it hard to solve the errors without any prior knowledge. This article will help you to diagnose your Outlook problems even if you are not technically skilled.

10 Most Known MS Outlook Errors and Issues

Error 1: No Connection could be made

If the targeted device refuses to make a connection, then this error could appear. Generally, this happens when the target device is corrupt, or the IP address is wrong.

Error 2: Outlook error codes 

There are several error codes that might appear when you use the program. Some of these error codes are 0x80070002, 0x8004210B and 0x800CCC0F.

  • The Error Code 0x80070002generally occurs when a user tries to set up a new email account on Outlook or when you add a new email account.
  • The error code 0x8004210B may appear when you send an email.
  • The error code 0x800CCC0F generally triggers when you have enabled a security program on your MS Outlook. It also appears when the settings of your antivirus disturb the functions of the Microsoft Outlook program.

Error 3: A time-out occurred

This can show up when the server does not respond and acts up. When there is a communication problem in the server, then you may end up with this error message.

Error 4: The server could not be found 

This message mostly shows up like this “the server could not be found. (Account: example, POPserver: ‘example@ymail.com’, Error Number: 0x800ccc0d)”

It can prevent you from sending an essential mail, or you might not even restrict you from receiving emails in the Outlook program. This can be caused by a bad configuration of Outlook settings.

Error 5: Can’t Launch MS Outlook

When the navigation pane settings get corrupted, this error may show up. For “example, profile name .xml.” If the Outlook file size is 0KB, then you may see this error on your computer.

Error 6: Outlook PST file is not a Personal Folder file 

This error message only appears when your system gets unexpectedly shut down due to a reason or another.

Error 7: Data Error, Cyclic redundancy check

Sometimes when you download an email from Outlook on your computer, you may end up with messages such as:

File location\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error, Cyclic redundancy check.

Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

When the PST file corrupts, then you encounter these messages on your PC. This simply stops you from accessing the Outlook messages.

Error 8: Operation timed Out Waiting for a Response from the Receiving Server 

This is one of the worst errors in Outlook. This message generally triggers when the POP server time out happens during waiting for the email server response.

Error 9: Task Server Name- sending and receiving reported error code 0x800ccc0f

You might see messages such as mentioned above and similar. If you see this problem continuously, then contact the server administrator.

Error 10: The file username.ost is in use 

When the same .ost file is used by several users, then you might get this error. This may also appear when other programs influence the Outlook program and its files.

What Causes these Outlook Issues

Most of the issues caused due to multiple reasons like improper account settings, extraordinarily large Outlook files, Outlook conflict with the internal application, Windows firewall preventing Outlook functions and processes, and more. There are many other reasons for this, such as Outlook installation errors, incorrect user Id and password, virus, and others.

Solutions for Outlook Common Errors 

Solution 1: Checking Internet Access

In order to solve the Microsoft Outlook issues, you must check your internet connection. If there is no internet access, then check your internet modem, router, network cables, and more. If the internet is still not working, then contact your internet provider and ask for help.

Solution 2: Removing Suspicious or Spam Mails

Suspicious emails contain links to malicious sites and servers, which can take down the whole computer in seconds. They can lead to an unresponsive Outbox or may prevent some of its features such as sending and receiving more emails. You will need to first locate the suspicious emails in your inbox and spam box. These mails are most likely to be found in the spam box rather than the inbox. Look for the mails from the ISP’s web-based emails and delete them one by one.

Solution 3: Check you Antivirus email settings 

If your security program is capable of scanning emails, then you should configure its settings so that it won’t prevent you from accessing mails in Outlook. You can visit the site of your antivirus provider for configuring email scanning settings.

Solution 4: Reinstalling Outlook

If the problem or error is still bothering you, then you may want to reinstall the program with the updated version. You can visit the Microsoft website for more details.

Solution 5: Tweaking Server’s Time-Out Settings

If you enhance the server time out settings, then it can make the program free form most of the errors and issues. To tweak the settings, see the instructions mentioned here:

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your device. Head to the Files option and then press the Info option.
  2. Go to the Account Settings; after that, hit the Account Settings option to launch the account settings on your device.
  3. Choose the target POP3 account and then press the Change button.
  4. Head to the More Settings option.
  5. Under the Advanced option, you can easily enhance the server time-out.

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