10+ Most Popular Figma Plugins

In the digital world of designing, the Figma app is considered as a revolutionary innovation. As it is one of the best apps for interface designing alongside it comprises of numerous features. The features in the Figma app are in large numbers. Thus it will conceive some time of the users in exploring them. They are quite effective if used in the compiled setting of the design project. The users can easily handle all the perks and aspects of the project through Figma.

One of the key features of Figma is its Vector tools, and by using them, the users can easily craft code, prototypes, and illustrations. Due to the on-going demand for different types of projects in the designing world, Figma has been developed with numerous features. Alongside, there are various Figma plugins available that can utilize to include more functions and features. However, each of these plugins has its own use and is best in their segment, but below, we have accumulated a specific list about the 10+ Most Popular Figma Plugins. The users who are into designing work must read about them to later utilize their efficiency in their projects.All the HTML5 Templates You Could Ask For.

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  1. Master

Master Figma plugin works best for the users who are trying to craft an element through a set of objects. The users can add any number of objects in it.

  1. Design Lint

This one is another great alternative for the users to utilize in their work. This one allows the users to navigate and resolve all sorts of errors that occur during the designing of the project. The users just need to implement a gently click on the missing styles, and it will fix them quickly.

  1. Charts

This one is another popular plugin that every user should need to use at once. The subsequent plugin helps the users in creating charts that can be added to Figma projects. The users can choose among a comprehensive variety of charts that includes doughnut, bar, scatter, line, pie, and area.

  1. Color Blind

The users who are looking for something that can test the accessibility of their design, then this plugin is a wish tool for them. The users just need to implement a click, and they can soon view all sorts of designs in eight distinctive colors that can help them to check the accessibility of the design. The users can later fix their designs to increase their accessibility.


SPELLL is another popular alternative plugin to use to accomplish designing projects with more ease. Figma plugin favours its users to check the spelling of text in their Figma project.

  1. SmoothShadow

It is one of the best Figma plugin for the users who are willing for adding shadows to components in their files. SmoothShadow helps the users to add elements to your files with just one click.

  1. Similayer

The subsequent plugin is one of the best and most favorite among the rest of the plugin. As it grants the users to choose the same layers with distinctive properties such as color, text styles, fonts, etc.

  1. Avatars

This one is quite fun actually for the users who add it to their project. As it grants the users for adding casual avatars to their project design. These avatars are accumulated through several sources. Thus the users will get various types of avatars.

  1. Random Name Generator

Random Name Generator is another great alternative plugin for the users to utilize in their project. The plugin will help the users to choose upon the layers, and thereafter, it allows them to compile them with names that have been casually created. The users can choose upon various categories to mention names such as Full name, last name, and gender.

  1. Unsplash

The users can also avail of various benefits through Unsplash. The subsequent plugin permits users to input images through it. The users don’t require to leave out Figma for inserting image, thus the plugin is quite useful.

  1. Google Sheets Sync

The plugin also appears to be a great one for the users to use. Google Sheets Sync plugin favors the users to derive content and information directly through Google Sheets to the project.

  1. Content Reel

The users should also look upon Content Reel as it is the best plugin for adding content quickly to all sorts of the layout. The users can utilize Content Reel also for adding icons, pulling of text strings, and including avatar to the project.

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