10 Most trusted door locks & Hardware brands

To find a trusted, reliable lock to install on your home’s front door, you’ll need to make sure that the product you select has an excellent reputation and is manufactured by reputable brands. There are many different options to choose from and this list will cover 10 of the most popular brands used in residential doors.

The list is broken into two categories:

1. Residential Door Locks: the most common door locks for homes

2. Hardware Brands: the brands that make up the majority of locks on high-end residential doors as well as commercial doors

Residential door locks: (Most Popular)

Schlage: Founded in 1920 and based in San Francisco, the Schlage Company is one of the most trusted names in residential hardware. Schlage has been producing high-quality residential locksets. Every day Schlage products are used on millions of doors worldwide, making them one of the most widely-used door lock brands around.

Yale: Yale began making door hardware way back in 1868 and later, one of its founders, Linus Yale Sr. invented the cylinder pin-tumbler lock. Their products range from general residential locksets to high security locking cylinders, padlocks, and alarm systems. Yale manufactures both electronic and mechanical door locks and keys for residential homes as well as commercial businesses. The Yale brand is synonymous with high-quality, innovative security products.

Emtek: For more than 80 years Emtek has produced high-quality door hardware that combines classic craftsmanship with modern technology. They offer many different finishes to match your existing decor and provide options for keyless entry as well as custom keyed locks made to fit your exact specifications.

Cal-Royal: Cal-Royal was founded in 1983 and is known for its distinctive style of locking mechanisms, which include a unique crossbar design that adds security while keeping the lock easy to operate. Cal-Royal also makes a wide variety of specialty locks for unique applications.

HES: HES continues to maintain its commitment to high-quality hardware by providing locks that are affordable and compromise no ongoing security. It is a pioneer in the development of new technologies and has been one of the first to implement many features such as electronic key control, electronic lockboxes, and digital programming.

Norton: Norton is internationally recognized for its high-quality locksets that are manufactured entirely in the U.S., using only the highest quality materials which include full metal body construction, brass backplates, chrome plating, double bitted tumbler mechanisms, and self-lubricating pins that never need servicing or adjustment.

Corbin Russwin: Corbin Russwin was founded in 1839 but became an industry leader in the late 1970s when they introduced their first electronic keypad lock. This innovation quickly changed the way consumers accessed their doors and has become a staple in residential door hardware. Later they introduced one of the first residential door locks with a key override and a new innovative design that gives homeowners peace of mind while keeping their front doors secure.

LCN: A brand under Allegion group, LCN began producing locks years ago. Today, the products are used by many customers around the world because of their high-quality craftsmanship and reliable operation. Their locks are designed with the homeowner as their number one priority and they offer a variety of high-security locks as well.

Hardware Brands: (Most Popular)

Rockwood: Rockwood enjoys a reputation for being innovative while also focusing on customer service. Rockwood has always been committed to quality craftsmanship and is known for its customer-oriented approach to its products. With a wide variety of products, such as pin tumbler, keyless entry, electronic keys, and deadbolts, they are able to meet almost any consumer’s needs.

Corbin Russwin: Corbin Russwin began making commercial-grade door hardware years ago. Today, they are still a prime choice for business owners and homeowners alike, with their wide array of products including handle sets, high-security locks, electronic access control systems, and more.

HES: HES is synonymous with reliable security. They were among the first companies to create the pin-tumbler cylinder lock, which is now being used all over the world. HES is also recognized as one of the leaders in the field of electrified door hardware. They have continued to develop and improve upon their product line by creating new technologies for home security such as keyless entry devices that double as outside door locks and many double-bitted locking mechanisms that provide additional security against drilling attacks.

Pemko: Founded in the 1950s, Pemko has grown into a worldwide leader in security and commercial door hardware. With their patented lock design that provides a quick-change mechanism for door relining, Pemko has become one of the most sought-after residential door locks. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of commercial-grade door hardware still in business today. With years of experience, its products are top quality and are available at some of the best prices on the market. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated as they continue to improve and innovate their products.

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