10 Motivation Tips For Freelancers Who Work From Home

As great as freelancing jobs, for beginners, may sound, the idea comes with its challenges! 

While you are free to pick your hours of work, the “dress code”, and, of course, the number and duration of breaks you take, just know that it is not as rosy as it seems! 

Despite the many struggles of a freelancer, keeping yourself motivated enough to work is the real deal-breaker!

Here are some great tips to help you make the best out of your days:

  1. Stick to a Routine

Just because you have no obligations to reach “office” at a particular time, does not mean that you do not need a schedule. If you are into freelance technical writing, discover the hours you are at your creative best, and make a routine that fits it the best. 

  1. Wake-up Timely

Freelancers usually commit this mistake of taking their wake-up time for granted and choosing those extra minutes of sleep instead. This not only pushes your entire schedule but also reduces your ability to take both yourself and the work seriously, even in the best online freelance marketplace. So, wake up time and make your transition from the “vacation-mood” to “work-mood”, even if your work just steps away!

  1. Dress Properly

Ditch the cliché freelancer look, and dress up as you would have for the office. As it is, they are not a very productive pair of clothing and keeps the mind in the sleep mode. So, take your shower, and dress-up well for the best online freelance marketplace, as you would for any other job. 

  1. Conquer the Dreadful Ones

Here is the MOST IMPORTANT one! Finish that one dreaded task of the day first! 

We all know the amount of stress and procrastination a task with top-most priority brings, but then, isn’t it best to just complete it before moving on to the others? Doing so will not only save you the last minute stress but will also leave you with ample time to do the other, “not-so-dreadful” tasks.

  1. Stay Focused

Understand that it is not important to respond to every beep on your phone. Stay away from your phone and social media. Finish your task and then take a small phone break maybe! 

Finish the task in hand irrespective of how badly you feel you need that coffee or some quick grab. Rewards must always be left for the end. 

  1. Manage Your Stress 

Freelancers and stress go hand in hand! And since you are your boss now, you have to decide a lot many things for yourself. The best you can do is to stick to your schedule,  and solve the unanticipated problems as they come, without letting them stress you. Stressing is only a rolling stone that will hamper the quality of your work. 

  1. Assign a Place for Working

Working from home is amazing, with no obligation to sit in the cubical for most of the day. But, you must assign a place in your house strictly for work. It will avoid an unnecessary mess, and will also give you a sense of responsibility towards the work. 

  1. Go out 

Just because you get to work from home does not mean that you stay at home the entire day. Go out! Walk, meet friends, hit the gym, do whatever, but take some time to go out daily. Freelancing does not mean a house arrest. Go out!

  1. Don’t Quit

Freelancing can be really overwhelming at times, and the only first thought ever comes to you is to quit. That is when you need to remember why you began working as a freelancer in the first place! Then, count on all those privileges you enjoy that others going to office don’t. 

  1. Be Healthy

The healthier the body, the better the brain. You can’t give you the best with a tired, unhealthy body.

Therefore, it is essential to eat healthy food and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

These tips are a great way to cope up with those deadly deadlines, procrastination spells, and stress at work. Do not let the lack of motivation hold you from enjoying the perks of working from home! 

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