10 Must-Try Cricut DIY Projects for Bachelorette Party

The dream wedding of your best friend is around the corner, and get your act together. With the Cricut DIY projects, organize one of the craziest and stupefying party plans. Although choosing location, cuisine, and activities can be a hectic duty, one thing which should be in your control is the amazing crafts to make the day unforgettable. However, all the users must’ve designed software by their side.

With the Design Space app, you can create/design a custom craft using its tools or digitalized library. Through the installed app, uncountable props can be crafted with top-class quality. Moreover, the software is compatible with PCs & smartphones. Let’s begin by sharing some creative projects you can prepare for your friend’s bachelor party.

1.  Bachelorette Party Balloon Boxes

You can make the room look organized and decorate its corner with this Cricut DIY project. You can put different colors of balloons and label the box outside with some message or alphabet. Other than that, you can also cover it up with party lights to glorify the corner. These decorative items can be created in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

2.  Personalized Matching Shirts

Designing custom matching shirts is quite normal among the audience. However, it brings a sense of togetherness and stability when a stranger is going to enter your life. Carrying custom shirts makes the bride squad be on the same page and collect these memorable moments in their heart and on camera.

3.  Bachelorette Earrings Gift Set

Gifting handcrafted jewelry to the bride and bridesmaid is the best choice for the crafter. You can also add glitters or small text to it. It’s very easy to create a custom design as you just need to assemble the materials as per the quantity and let the machine do the rest of the work. After the process ends, the DIYer will get a dazzling pair of custom earrings in front of them.

4.  Custom Fanny Pack

In addition, if the bride is going on a honeymoon, she needs many bags. In that scenario, the fanny backpack becomes useful and most desirable. These small bags can carry small items and be wrapped around the waist. One can create these bags with a Cricut HeatPress model and transform the bride into a sassy personality.

5.  Personal Bachelorette Sunglasses

Protecting eyes from bright sunlight helps the bride and her friends by saving them from getting tanned. These personal Cricut DIY projects make a cool impression by wearing them while enjoying the poolside. Moreover, you can also add some stickers and cute letters to make it look iconic. They can be one of the best gifts your guests love and keep safe.

6.  Classy Gold Glitter Banner

So forth, we’ve spent most of the time discussing the custom gifts. Let’s take a step and start focusing on some attractive wall decoration items too. With the help of the custom banner, you can renovate it and hide the damage happening to it. The funny banner designed with gold glitter helps make the party more enjoyable.

7.  Bridal Shower Drink Tags

On the contrary, introducing drink tags makes drinking parties more amusing. It will help you organize the bride and put it in a symmetrical order in the dining area. Other than that, it also assists other friends in knowing which glass has been allotted to them. These Cricut DIY projects can be developed using cardstock, plastic, or light-weighted material.

8.  Cricut Bachelorette Party Hats

Indeed, the bride won’t wear a hat on her wedding day. But she will need it whenever she goes out for a walk. You can make a personal party hat with funny tags or designs drawn on it. Other than that, these party hats can be prepared from Cricut Hat Press using various specific fabrics & supplies. You can create and operate by accessing the Cricut Heat Guide app.

9.  Bride-to-be Sash

After all this while, make your best friend more hot by making her wear a custom bride-to-be sash. These sash comes in free size and is available in different colors & patterns. You can create designs and write text on the Cricut app. After that, it easily gets prepared on a smart cutting machine using soft material with attractive fonts and a glitter pen set. But you must choose the correct items before string to create this specific project.

10.                 Personal Photo Booth

A photo booth is one of the most demanding items for any bridal shower. They are in trend as it helps the photographer capture memories that will last long. If you have got a tight budget and can’t afford a fancy booth, don’t hesitate to make medium-sized custom photo props with unique images.


In brief, we hope that this blog was beneficial to you. As a piece of advice, you must choose the correct crafts and start creating them before you run out of time. It doesn’t matter whether you have got a big or small budget during the wedding days. If you have creativity skills, then Cricut Machine and its Design Space and materials are there for you. To learn about more ideas, stay connected to our website. Moreover, if you have any queries refer to the FAQs mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Cricut DIY Projects Expensive?

Answer: If you are an enthusiastic crafter, then yes. Cricut is undoubtedly a multi-tasking cutting machine, but it isn’t cheap. It is a big investment as you can get different kinds of projects. However, to get those results, purchasing essential tools, accessories, bundles, and materials becomes necessary. It becomes quite difficult for the beginner to purchase all these items and still manage to keep the savings in the budget.

Question: Are Cricut businesses Profitable?

Answer: Without any second thoughts, Yes, Cricut businesses are profitable. You can make a profitable business out of the cut-die machine in many ways. You just need to have the enthusiasm and the ability to learn new things regularly. You can organize workshops, teach your neighbors how to create custom projects, record videos, and take up buyer orders.

Question: What is Cricut Access in Design Space?

Answer: You must have noticed or seen Access plan notifications on your screen while using the Design Space app. In simple terms, Cricut Access is a subscription plan available for crafters. They are available on a monthly/yearly basis with different price ranges. By purchasing the plan, the user can use the items available inside it, such as images, fonts, and pre-prepared projects. Moreover, the user can also take a 30-day free trial before purchasing the plan.

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