10 Part time jobs for good work life balance

You’re in good company assuming you’re shuffling the requests of work and the remainder of life.Research has shown that a lopsidedness among work and life can prompt pressure, exhaustion, expanded assumptions, and lost time with family and friends.
Enter low maintenance occupations, ordinary, contract-based positions that needn’t bother with representatives to check in at the workplace 24×7.
Skillbee is an early-stage startup building software products that assist with blue-collar labour recruitement.  You can find best jobs in UAE. ​Blue-collar labour jobs includes Delivery, driver, carpenter, welder, technician, graphic designer etc.

1. HR Recruiter

Many scouting firms utilize seasonal workers to fulfill the developing need for ability. Occupations incorporate taking telephonic meetings of competitors, co-ordinating gatherings between the organization and up-and-comers, and keeping up with records. The occupation doesn’t need any uncommon capability or qualification, albeit a HR course helps.

2. Accountant

The expansion of new businesses has prompted an ascent in the interest for low maintenance bookkeepers from new organizations that can stand to work without a full-time clerk. The occupation incorporates being associated with all parts of records, such as taking care of trivial money, co-appointment with banks and merchants, and help during yearly audits. Accounting and finance is the one of the in-deamnding jobs in UAE.
3. Client Service

If you are great with individuals, a client assistance occupation may be ideal for you. From an investigating job to going about as an agent at a wine store, these positions are surprisingly differed. Simply pick an area that intrigues you and apply.
4. Deals Consultant

Sales is another field where great relational abilities can assist you with going far. Many organizations utilize low maintenance sales reps or tele-guests to foster their client base. Some of these positions are locally established, making them an alluring suggestion for individuals who can’t go to standard office due to family or other issues.
5. Home Tutor

Providing home educational cost to school-and school going understudies is a generally straightforward method of bringing in fair cash. Great home guides instructing offspring of high total assets people can make up to a couple of lakhs each month from the work. Having the right scholarly capabilities is important to assemble a standing as a valid home tutor.

6. Content Writer/Editor

If you have a pizazz for composing, low maintenance content composition or altering position could be an extraordinary choice. The occupation might incorporate specialized composition, composing advertising material for organizations, adding to refreshes via web-based media, and staying with the site updated.
7. Waiter

For numerous understudies, tending to tables at drive-through eateries is a typical method for financing their visit in the enormous city. With nice pay rates and the additional advantage of acquiring through tips, these positions are great for understudies as they offer a selection of movements that can be changed by class timings.

8. Web Designer

Many youthful and rising organizations are watching out for low maintenance website specialists. The work, which requires information on visual computerization and programming, involves making the look and format of a site, aside from support and refreshing the site.

9. Secret Shopper

Love to shop? Why not do your beloved action and get compensated for it as well? Secret Shoppers visit stores as clients and report back to the organization on the nature of client support, item quality, and generally vibe of the store. They are utilized result producers, retail chains, retailers and eateries, among others.

10. Vocation Counsellor

With understudies turning out to be progressively profession cognizant, vocation advisors are in incredible interest. Many vocation guiding organizations utilize seasonal workers whose occupation incorporates directing mental tests to applicants, directing up-and-comers considering a lifelong change, prompting understudies on profession choices, and so forth.

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