10 Ramen Condiments You Need to Try Today with Your Noodles

People have a lot of love for ramen. For many, cheap ramen meals remind them of their college days and back to a time when they were trying to pay off their student loans. Others think of ramen as a tasty snack, the ultimate comfort food on a rainy day, and the kind of meal you’ll miss if you don’t have it every other week. It’s addictive, and that’s probably one of the reasons it’s a staple in every household. If you’re always on the lookout for more ways to make ramen delicious, try these condiments.


This is a condiment that mixes chili, miso, and sesame oil. It works on everything, though, so you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from using it on your rice, meat, tofu, or burger. That just means you need to stock up on more of this Japanese chili paste for ramen, so you can use it for everything else you want.

Black Pepper

If you want a spicy kick to your ramen, though, sprinkle it with black pepper. You can use the bottled kind. But if you want a stronger kick, use whole black peppers, and ground them right before eating. They’ll retain a stronger flavor that way.

Diced or Grated Garlic

It adds to the umami of the dish. The aromatic flavors of the garlic also enhance the overall taste of a hot bowl of ramen. Between diced or grated, though, grated garlic gets you more flavor.

Chili Pepper

Another win for the spicy team. You can use chili pepper but pay attention to the base ingredients, so you can decide on the flavor.

Sesame Oil

This isn’t just a good dip. If you love sesame oil, add it to your ramen and see the difference. Mix that up with chili peppers and you got yourself a winner.

Chili Oil

If you love miso ramen and tantan-men, then stock up on chili oil. You won’t go wrong with this condiment if you love spicy food.


If you want a fresh flavor in your ramen, try this out. Use it sparingly at first and adjust until you get the taste just right.

Ramen Tare Sauce

A house’s special ramen sauce will make the broth saltier and richer. If you love thick, heavy broths, give this one a try. It might end up one of your all-time favorites.


Also called Japanese pepper, it’s another way to make your ramen spicy. It’s usually used for roasted eel, but you can put it on ramen, too. The spice can be numbing, so be careful not to use too much when you first try it out. See how much you can take and then adjust, so you won’t have to waste a whole bowl of ramen if it turns out to be too spicy.


If you can’t get enough miso ramen, then add butter to the broth. This will make the soup thicker and richer. The only problem is, you might find this too good that you’ll want to have this nearly every day.

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