What are the top 10 Causes for erectile dysfunction?

The most preferred term when talking about sexual dysfunction in men is erectile dysfunction. As per the name having any problem with the cycle of achieving an erection is called ED. Erectile dysfunction is an inability in men to achieve and retain hardness in the penis that is enough to have sexual intercourse. According to a survey it affects over half of the male population and not many men are getting treated. The question that arises in the mind of each person is what causes erectile dysfunction? Hence this is the text to answer all your questions and details.


List of the top 10 causes that oversee erectile dysfunction in men:

  • Age

Alongside numerous medical problems, erectile dysfunction turns out to be more normal as your age rises. According to an estimate, 12% of men experience some type of ED when they reach the age of 40 and this rate goes up and not down throughout life. Remember a greater part of men more than 70 years of age experience a few manifestations of ED. The good news is meds like Cialis 60mg can efficiently cure ED in old men.


  • Lethargic Way of Living:

At any point in life, you will likely realize that being overweight is awful for your well-being. Although you know it, do you know being overweight makes your body transform testosterone into estrogen? This is one reason why researchers accept stoutness and an inactive way of life and practically no activity, undesirable food decisions, and so forth can prompt issues with erectile brokenness. Luckily, this is a reversible issue and you can treat it.


  • Different Ailments:

Erectile dysfunction has a fascinating relationship with a man’s heart wellbeing. The most prominent factor that can lead to impotence is hypertension and elevated cholesterol can cause ED. An examination has shown that when sound men foster erectile dysfunction, large numbers of them wind up being determined to have coronary illness under 5 years after the fact. You could forestall the improvement of coronary illness by getting the notice signs early.


  • Smoking

Smoking is associated with numerous medical conditions, including impotence. When you utilize tobacco it diminishes the bloodstream throughout the whole body. Reduction in blood supply turns out to be significantly hard for you to accomplish and keep an erection. Fortunately, this is reversible. On the off chance that you quit smoking, you’ll notice your erections will improve. Quit smoking as soon as possible and start adopting a healthy lifestyle to cover the damage you have to date created to your body


  • Side Effects Due to Medications:

Some various drugs and remedies can add to or cause erectile dysfunction. This list of medications incorporates a few antidepressants, some circulatory strain drugs, a few antihistamines, some indigestion prescriptions, and narcotic torment meds. This is certainly not a fixed rundown, however, so in case you are experiencing issues with erections and as of late began another drug.


  • Psychological Issues:

To date, you might have come across the fact that psychological issues can delete sexual life and hence you can connect. All things considered, with regards to erectile dysfunction your cerebrum assumes a significant part in your capacity to accomplish and support an erection. In case you’re under pressure or battling with your emotional wellness, your cerebrum can experience difficulty making nerve associations and delivering the chemicals answerable for causing an erection.


  • Concerns Related to Prostate:

It is nothing surprising that an undesirable prostate can prompt erectile dysfunction. You might know that the prostate is answerable for making one of the parts of semen. Benign prostatic hyperplasia doesn’t cause ED, the drugs used to treat it can. Then again, ongoing aggravation of the prostate or prostate malignancy can cause agonizing discharge and trouble accomplishing an erection.


  • Diabetes

Diabetes is particularly overpowering than thought and analysis for some reasons, and tragically state that erectile dysfunction is one of the clinical issues a man with diabetes regularly needs to live with. In any case, the uplifting news is, how well you control your glucose levels truly means your danger for ED. Impotence brought about by diabetes isn’t generally a reversible issue.


  • Sexually Communicated Diseases

Men across the globe have a question that can physically communicate diseases prompt erectile dysfunction. The short answer is yes. Certain STIs, similar to chlamydia, gonorrhea, untreated HIV, and viral hepatitis can once in a while cause contaminations in the prostate organ. Assuming this occurs, it is feasible for you to have indications of ED. Be aware that if prostate contamination is left untreated it can lead to lasting harm, so it’s smarter to see your primary care physician about it shortly. Using ED meds like Viagra 120mg won’t reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Low Testosterone

You might not know the ratio is high but 1 of every 4 men has lower-than-typical degrees of testosterone. This leads to a wide range of men’s medical problems, including going bald, a sleeping disorder, low sex drive, and erectile brokenness. The lower the degree of testosterone, the more side effects you might insight. When testosterone levels are taken back to the ordinary, most men will see their ED indications improving or disappearing inside and outcome treatments can boost your testosterone levels, and adopting food habits can also do wonders.



The list that is mentioned above consists of common causes of erectile dysfunction but remember that you might experience erectile dysfunction due to some other reasons. And you can be stress-free as be it any cause erectile dysfunction is completely treatable. But the most difficult part for everyone around is initiating a conversation about it with a doctor and partner. Work with your health care professionals and plan out a treatment regimen that consists of lifestyle changes and medications. Remember there’s a treatment to almost everything.





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