10 Shows to Watch If You Are Fond of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel swept viewers off their feet with its humor and genius script. The entertainment industry has recently felt a revolution wherein the makers are willing to put more female-centric content on the table, and the audience is happily accepting it. Shows portraying women in essential and comedic characters is not something we have always seen, but now that we have it, we cannot get enough of it.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel presents a story of a regular housewife and a mother whose husband is trying to make his mark as a stand-up comedian. While the husband struggles, Miriam Maisel discovers that she has a great sense of humor and stage presence. Despite opposition from her husband, parents, and the entire society, Miriam decides to become a professional stand up comedian.

If you feel that women like Mrs. Maisel are worth every second of your time, here are some more shows which mainly deal with women and their struggles clubbed with jokes.

30 Rock

While Mrs. Maisel takes us back to the mid-twentieth century, 30 Rock is a present-day view of women and their regular struggles. The show revolves around Liz Lemon, working at NBC as a producer. Liz has group associates and friends who are fun and lively. Right when the show introduces her, we are also acquainted with Jack Donaghy, a new producer who will now head her show. Despite Jack having a bigger say in the show’s future(the show that belonged to Liz earlier), Liz manages to get her way every time.

The Incredible Kimmy Schmidt

Netflix did not reuse the original story where a girl starts her life and builds it from the ground up. The story begins with a peculiar setup wherein the FBI rescues a doomsday cult. The leader of the cult had a group of women who believed that the world had ended, and hence the women were living in a bunker. Once rescued, Kimmy decides to live her life with the attitude of a survivor and not a victim. The show has a vibe similar to that of 30 Rock. Kimmy ensures that no matter what happens, she deals with it positively. Packed with a heavy dose of humor, the show is bound to make you feel good.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

This sitcom deals with a woman who has to accustom herself to a new life. It is not because of some tragedy in the past, but because of a newly acquired superpower. Zoey can suddenly hear other people’s thoughts. And these thoughts are presented to her in the way of a song instead of normal speech. It is incredible to watch her juggle friends, love life, and co-workers while hearing their minds sing.

Gilmore Girls

It is impossible not to include this seven-season long show here. The Amy Sherman-Palladino creation falls in the genre of drama-comedy and presents the world from the eyes of two strong women. When Lorelai gets pregnant at the age of 16, she refuses to marry her boyfriend only because he got her pregnant and moves out of her parents’ house. It has been sixteen years since these events, and the show begins when Lorelai is 32, and her daughter is 16. The show is primarily about a mother-daughter relationship and their struggles with the world.


There is no other show that has been on-air for as long as Younger, and its entertainment factor is a valid reason behind it. Liza Miller is a forty-year-old woman and has a teenage daughter. Liza tries to get back into her old profession but is rejected because of her age. But then she has a funny idea to fake her age and makes it big.

Broad City

Broad City is one of the most brutally honest and whimsical shows to ever air on our television sets. Two best pals, Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler spend the entire show lifting each other and showering each other with praises and love. This portrayal of women supporting each other is beautiful to watch.


One-woman shows do not have a very positive image in people’s minds. The minute they think of such a concept, they assume it to be a woman cribbing and throwing a fit about everything unjust in this world. The show Fleabag is here to change all those preconceived notions. Fleabag (the character in the show) loses her best friend Boo and finds herself struggling to get over the loss and constant self-blame. Despite a dark back story, the show does not shy away from packing in punchlines and brilliant humor.

Orange Is The New Black

How can a show that is placed in a women’s jail not make it on this list? Orange Is the New Black is a revolution in the field of women-centric drama comedies. The show is such a riot that you will find yourself crying and laughing at the same time. The show keeps viewers on their toes at all times and does not waste a minute of its time to deliver punchlines full of wit.

Parks and Recreation

This show has one of the most hilarious female lead characters of all time. Though the show primarily deals with Leslie Knope (played by the talented Amy Poehler), other women characters in the show like April Ludgate, Donna Meagle, and Ann Perkins make their well-deserved mark as well. The show deals with every possible life event that a person can face. Be it professional issues, personal growth, friendships, relationships, mentor-mentee bonds, marriage, parenthood, love for waffles, you name it, this show has it.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is one of the most underrated musical comedies on Netflix. The show gives you some interestingly exaggerated characters and brilliant musical numbers episode-after-episode. The combination of music, drama, and comedy makes the show binge-worthy and highly entertaining. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is about a woman who is obsessed with a boy she barely knows. The show does not justify her stalker behavior. Instead, it puts things to perspective and lets the character realize her mistakes, amend them, and become a better person as the show proceeds.


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