10 Simple Tips To Last Colour Me EDT Red Femme for Longer

If you have purchased Colour Me EDT Red Femme 100ml and you are wondering how to intensify its fragrance, you can definitely do the smell boosting without taking much trouble. In fact, following a few simple tips you can easily enhance the effect of your perfume’s fragrance no matter you are using it in summer or in winter.

Know the perfume concentration and its lasting power of fragrance

Colour Me EDT Red Femme 100mlCM Red Perfume for Women is an EDT, which means it is a perfume of Eue De Toilette category. This quality perfume contains 4-9% perfume and generally it last for 3-4 hours after application. When you will apply Red Perfume for Women, you can expect that it will stay for maximum 4 hours. If you want to extend the fragrant hours, you need to re-apply the EDT after 3-4 hours.

Apply perfume in moisturized body

Dry base is not idea for perfume. In order to last your perfume’s fragrance on your body, you should apply it immediately after shower. If you are not in the mood of taking shower, you can try body lotion before applying perfume.

Apply petroleum jelly on your pulse points

Apply petro jelly in the pulse points and then use perfume at your pulse points like on wrist, neck, on elbows, behind the knees, and on calves and ankles.

Add perfume in your hair via hair brush

It is never recommended to spray perfume directly in hair because the alcohol in perfume or EDT may damage the silkiness of hair. Instead, add perfume in your hair brush and comb your hair gently. This is a simple but good way to add fragrances strength of your perfume.

Do not rub, only spray

Do not rub your wrists together after applying perfume. Rather, you should spray perfume in your body. If it is EDP, you may spray it in clothes, it is wise to apply body spray and EDTs on direct body.

Don’t store perfume in bathroom

Moist and wet place is detrimental to perfume’s quality. Do not keep perfumes in bathroom. It will reduce the strength of the fragrance.

Utilize even the last drop

Even you can use the last drop of perfume. Add it in body moisturizer and smear it on your body. It will preset you n awesomeness in your moisturizer.

Don’t Shake Your EDT

CM Red Perfume for Women is an EDT and it is designed to stand motionless. Shaking OF the bottle may let air in the bottle that can hamper its quality.

Keep the Box

Perfume needs to be stored in a cool dry place, away from Sunlight. Either you need to place them in your wardrobe, or you should retain its packet. This storage is convenient for retaining its best smell.

Do not use a perfume excessive

Excessive use of perfume does not help in retaining its smell, but it creates a repulsive effect.

These are the 10 tips that can help you in retaining the perfume fragrances. However, it is always wise to buy perfume from authentic and reputable stores.

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