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Emite – Smith: Murray is not an eagle help

East Dallas Cowboy’s external hand Michael Irvin said in the early ranks, Philadelphia eagle was the best choice from Demarco Murray, which made the eagle have an advantage in Guandi.

“After each brain is hurt, I will feel better, no sequelae. If there is no symptom, I will definitely continue to play. But now I can accept it, because I know that I am thinking about my family and the child, it is In order to accompany them. “

“I want to stay at 225 pounds during the season, so I am still working hard,” Howard said. “I thought it was slower in the NFL festival because there were no many fast-paced attacks. But here is still very fast, so you have to stay a good body. They don’t expect you to keep the body in the team. So you have to keep Good body, ready to participate in training. “

“Since I am a professional bowl player, people will pay attention to me and observe what I am doing,” Howard said. “If I work hard, others will try to train when I see it. I just came to the team and try to set the tone.”

Close-end Feng Jordan-Reed announced retirement

Tuesday, Washington Near Tighs, Jordan Reed announced its own decommissioned decision. The main reasons are not unexpected, and Cheap jerseys it is related to his career.

The lion quarter-point Weistiford is uncertain when it is able to come back

Matthew Stafford doesn’t know when to return to the venue. However, he said that the team is working together to determine the right back time.

However, it seems that another famous player doesn’t think so. Recently, the famous Hall of the famous Hall, Emmitt Smith, said in an interview: “I don’t recognize such choices to balance the strength, I think the team’s strength is from the ability of the rendex.”

When the lion is close to the hope of the playoffs, the best solution for Stafford’s long-term health should be absence all the rest of the game. But Stafford hopes to come back this season. He felt that he was watching “frustrating” on the scene.

“There is no exact time arrangement, anything possible,” Stafford said. “I think this is a situation that has been changing. I am paying attention to injury, trying to make sure when I returned, I am ready to play, obviously, as I said before, I tried my best to make myself as soon as possible Dress. “

Bear running to guard Huawae reduces weight, hope to continue progress

Last season, the rookie run Yordo Dan – Jordan Howard is one of the highlights of Chicago bear. He finally selected a professional bowl and ranked second in the scorpion code. But he is not satisfied.

Reed said to the ESPN reporter: “I am convinced that I will continue to play, but I feel good about my own situation. But I feel the sequelae, and I also seek professional physician help. They don’t support me to continue playing, I also agree “

If you don’t have a danger of injury brought by the fight, then Jerry Jones, Jones, Jones, to say that Jones express its views on Bryant’s behavior: “Let’s take a look at us and How many times in Bryant experienced, five years? We know when he will bloom, if you fight, then I can only say this is nothing, I am not just manufacturing some excitement is also released. Some stress. This is his personality, this is Bryant. “

Ridders have played a seventy season for Washington, and last season is a member of 49 people. He has a total of 355 bolts, reached 28 times. In the health of health, Ridders can use the speed crimp in the opposition and use the body to make safety sanctification. His best manifestation comes from the 2015 season, the year, the year, completed 87 battles, pushed 952 yards, reached 11 times.

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