10 tips to give an excellent video speech

Videos have taken over the internet world. They have even killed radio. Right from sales promotion to online workshops to skype to Facebook feeds to YouTube to Instagram to Facetime to webinars to video conferencing, there is no way of getting away from video presentations. At some point you need to get comfortable giving video speeches. You may hate yourself on camera and cringe listening to your voice, but with video presence coaching and training you can go a long way.

These trainings use some techniques, eliminate silly mistakes, and good old-fashioned practice. There are three ways to go about video speech and presentation –

•    The technicalities
•    What you say
•    How you say it

Let us understand the tips to follow under these mentioned categories:

1)    Audio: Make sure to get a damn excellent microphone. The most important and only factor that ups the ante of the video are good audio. People can still watch a shaky, grainy, amateur video with good sound, but they will struggle to hear what is being said. A good mic is a good investment.

2)    Ambient noise: Shut your windows. You need a quiet spot while recording the video. If need be, ask your neighbours to shut the music or suspend the lawn mowing. You would be surprised how much environment noise hinders the video.

3)    Camera: People worry about the type of camera used. Nowadays, it is one of the least concerns. Cameras are damn good today. You could use an apple or Google Pixel phone to get all the recordings done.

4)    Lighting: Another huge technical factor is the lighting. It is an aspect that can impact video quality. Avoid facing your back towards the window or switch on lights. It could mess up the light levels of your video.

5)    Preparation: Even a presentation skills training course emphasize on preparing the content. What is it you need to convey? Preparation is a must. In fact, it is everything. Do not start speaking unless you are aware of what you want to talk.

6)    Short: Considering people watch you over the video, there could be concerns such as time and attention. There could be 30 seconds ad, sudden email from the boss, and babysitting. Video speeches must be engaging and interesting. Also, videos should not last more than three minutes. If it goes beyond the said time, there will be sharp drop in the audience.

7)    Structure: Have a compelling and robust structure for your content. If you talk about baseless opinions, the video will fall flat. The standard format is story, facts and figures, and impactful message.

8)    What you wear: Do not worry about what to wear as long as you avoid the basic mistakes. Avoid stripes or bold patterns. Also, keep away the clunky jewellery. If you want a sense of professionalism to reflect from the video, wear formal clothes. If it is a light subject, look casual.

9)    Teleprompter: In case you tend to forget the script, there are video presence coaching and training reveals a unique technique which provides you the entire script in front of you. You could also write down some important points behind the wall of the camera.

10)    Be yourself: The camera is microscopic. It can detect fake behavior and authenticity quickly. So, be you and no one else.

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