10 unforgivable Sins of SLEEP TRAINING a TODDLER

Are you happy seeing your little child sleeping like a dove undisturbed? Suddenly, the calm and adored baby turns out to start having sleepless nights or have to wake up 4-5 times in the night crying and will not want to stop not until you have carried, rocked, cuddle or tap them back to sleep. Sometimes, they wouldn’t wish to stop as well not until there is a breast in their mouth that will soothe their cry and lead them back to sleep. Check if the little one is entering his or her 4 months. If so, it is time to initiate sleep training on your toddler

It is expected that at that age, the baby should start mastering how to wake up from sleep and go back without necessarily crying out or waiting till the parents carry them. Before you start treading the pathway on how to train your toddler,because you need to relieve yourself of the frustration and exhaustion effect you are having, there are some things you need to consider before you adopt such training because it can be detrimental to your baby.

  1. Increased stress hormones: when you allow your baby to cry all through the night as a result of you subjecting them to sleep training, researchers believe the baby’s stress hormone will be increased. There have been raised values of cortisol in children who have been placed on sleep training.
  2. Negative attachment relationship:babies tend to love and allow people who run to their aid to carry them. There is this positive connection babies have with people who are always around them and adopt a negative feeling towards those who ignore them.
  3. Insomnia: the baby can out of neglect develop insomnia. Sleeping disorder or sickness can gradually creep into the baby.
  4. Headache:adopting a cry-out to sleep method for your baby can result in incessant headaches that can be excruciating. You wouldn’t know if the baby is crying as a result of development or because of a headache.
  5. High fever: see your baby running into a high fever as a result of the headache and too many cries.
  6. Trust issues: every parent wants the baby to know they love and care for them, depriving them of your presence when they yell and cry can result in trust issues.
  7. Misunderstanding your baby:  you will end up seeing your baby as an adult when truly they are still babies. Subjecting them to finding a way to soothe their sleeping pattern can end up making you not be able to know your baby’s feelings again.
  8. Ignores real problems: you might be sleep training your baby and not know your baby is passing through a lot of things.
  9. Premature breastfeeding:because you want to relieve yourself from exhaustion and stress, you might end up prematurely breastfeeding your baby.
  10. It is exhaustive: I have never seen any parent who has undergone sleep training and said it was awesome. It is both tiring on both the baby and the parent.
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