10 Valentine’s Day Cakes ideas to Order Online

February 14th is around the corner, and all you think of is love. This is a day to bring all your emotions, sentiments, and care for your special ones. So, to make this day more special you need something best that expresses your feelings whole-heartedly. And cakes are the best means to add the essence of romance to your relationship. Cakes are the special dessert which makes any occasion a special one. Thus, any party would seem to be empty without a delightful bake. Today there are plenty of Valentine cakes available in the market, each made with the finest ingredients. You can spell your charm of love with a chocolate or blueberry cake or you can prefer getting a romantic red velvet cake to give a delicate feel to your beloved. Further, read out here to comprehend more.

Special Valentine’s day cake ideas to buy online

Strawberry truffle cake

This is one of the best-flavored cakes, especially for girls with special likeness towards white chocolate. The cake is baked with the natural ingredients, blended with a buttercream flavor and vanilla icing. One can even turn this cake into a customized bake with some personal message or love quotes.

Raspberry chocolate cake

If your spouse is the choosy one and falls for raspberries then you would prefer this delicious Valentines day cake to impress him. This dessert is made using raspberries and blended with chocolate fillings which give a tasteful flavor to the recipient. 

Rainbow cake

Who doesn’t love colors in their life or on cakes? Thus, one of the best ways to express your love is to have a rainbow cake this Valentine’s day. You can give your sweetheart this colorful cake which expresses joy. 

Chiffon cake

This chiffon cake is a beautiful combination of sponge and oil cake, which gives it a rich texture. It’s a light cake and the best part about this cake is its simplicity. So, if you wish to make your celebration simple and sober then this is a must buy cake for you. 

Belgium chocolate cake

If you wish to add some uniqueness to your classic choice of chocolate cake, then Belgium chocolate cake is a must-have cake for you. It’s specially prepared using Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate and above all, it’s loved by everyone the most. 

Cassata cake

You might be unfamiliar with this cake. But, it’s a traditional sweet recipe from Sicily, Italy made of ricotta cheese and candied fruit. This is one of the most unique bakes which can steal the heart of anyone and take your celebrations to the next level. 

Three-tier designer cake

This cake can bring the magic of taste and grandness into the celebration. It can be multi-flavored to fill everyone’s needs. You can add a Valentine text, color theme or make it Bollywood themed to add grandeur to the celebration. You can easily get such Valentine cakes online

Fruit cake

Who doesn’t love eating fruits? The best part about the fruit block is its versatility. The cake is baked using delicious whipped cream where each slice is a surprise for the recipient. Moreover, it’s blissfully accepted by all – right from the diet-conscious ones to sweet tooth. 

Red velvet cake

This is a traditional cake and it’s the best kind of cake which easily melts in the mouth as soon as you take a bite of it. This year, celebrate your Valentine with this sparkling, flavorsome bake. 

Heart-shaped photo cake

Nothing is more superior than this personalized photo cake. This heart-structured cake is the greatest choice for your Valentine’s celebration. It contains the memories printed on the heart-shaped cake and thus works best with Valentine’s day gifts

Summing up

Valentine’s day is a beautiful day of love that occurs once a year. The above mentioned Valentine cakes can make your day more special and add blissful memories to your big day. 

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