A detailed article on 100 Series Flow Switches

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How it works

The rotor spin of liquid flow through the body’s sensor has a magnetic rotor created on the voltage coil conducive to maximum magnetic immediate adjustment of your coils.

The amplitude of the induced voltage is proportional to the liquid’s rotor velocity, and linear velocity passes through sensors. The amplitude induces a voltage that passes the simple electronic circuit to compare to the user-set trip. The setpoint translator turned for the set value. It is used to apply interface control of another system.

Fluid flowing through the switch spins of the magnetic rotor to induce the voltage and is measured by the simple electronic circuit. It is powered for the set of values to stop following the transistor switched off triggers. The rotor will stop tuning the switch to go to the alarm condition for the fluid following the switch flow. 100 series is essential for the industry.

Details function of 100 series

Output operation

The operation is selected due to the following reasons: Corresponding instance flow rate of the output responded for the accumulation of the pulse rate. The temperature of the sensor is attached to the sensor of selective output.

External input functions

The function is used when the optimal input is present. The accumulation flow of the peak value is essential and signal applied. The increase of the mode accumulation values the rest of the increase from zero. The value of accumulation is stored for the memory of the time. This will be considered an important issue.

When the accumulation of the value is stored in memory, you will take it to the maximum number of the flow switches. Hence the total number is exceeded memorial times for the peak and value of the reset.

Forced output function

The output time is out for the turning off and sterling the unit system to maintain it all times. The analog output system error increases with the decrease of the temperature for the changing off or on. This enables your industrial flow rate to operate well.

Accumulation value

You will need to know here is the 100 series of the industrial how it functions on machines.

The accumulation value is essential to measure the value of access time for the remaining time. This is considered in various places.

Response time

You need to check out the time response to select the application required for the abnormal. It is used to detect the display quickly and reduces the setting response of the temperature.


The above are essential details you will need to know about the 100 series flow rate. In this post, we explain everything easy for you and others. Therefore, you need to know the details of the function before starting to use it.

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