Hospital Management Software is an essential business tool, particularly in the healthcare sector. Having an automated hospital with Hospital Management Software is now simple. In today’s technologically advanced and sophisticated world, every hospital should employ machines and systems to do all manual activities. Humans are used in today’s modern environment to monitor equipment and networks, while systems are busy assisting people in controlling various duties.

Companies utilize visitor management software to make a good first impression while keeping all of their employees, property, and data safe. Workplace teams can use visitor management software to collect necessary information from visitors and verify their identities before inviting them on-site.

Monitoring everyone who enters your facility or business is known as visitor management. Customers, delivery persons, job applicants, contractors, consultants, or the CEO’s third cousin twice removed can all be visitors. Everyone who isn’t a regular, full-time employee is, in essence, a visitor.

A tool called a visitor management system is used to formally track visitors.

Some Hospital Management Software is mentioned below:


MocDoc Hospital Management Software is the most comprehensive solution for every sort of hospital, from tiny to multi-chain. Doctor Discovery, Check-In, Mobile applications, Prescription, Appointments, Billing, and more features are included in the Hospital Management Software for OP.

When it comes to Hospital Management Software’s IP management role, it handles Visual Bed Management, Discharge Summary, Insurance Management, Ward Request, Integrated IP billing, and more.

The Hospital Management Software has integrated pharmacy capabilities such as stock management, FSN analysis, purchase management, sale bill, and MIS. When it comes to HMS Lab features, it manages Custom reports, Smart Notification, Order Management, Email Reports, Invoice creation, and more.


2.ITDose Info system

The ITdose Info system Hospital Management Software includes features such as duty allocation and staff management, bed allocation and ward management, correct billing and accounting, multiple user accessibilities for effective all-around performance, controls doctor system availability, scheduling, controlling laboratory equipment, inventory management with a timely warning system, appointment management, and lead management, among others.

  1. Attune

The primary advantages of using Attune Hospital Management Software are that it helps to increase income, simplify operations, maximize productivity, and so on.

Some of the Visitor Management software is

  1. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a sophisticated B2B lead generation software that recognizes the name, contact information, user data, and critical personnel information of organizations that visit your website. It is not free and the price is 2808/- per month.

2. iLobby

iLobby offers enterprise-level visitor management and process optimization solutions. The cloud-based visitor management software rests on a tablet-powered kiosk located at a company’s entrance and allows more secure and efficient entry to the facility

  1. Envoy

Envoy is the only visitor management programme available today. It responds swiftly and is easy to use. Its major goal is to collect all of the user’s personal information such as cell phone numbers, photographs, and signatures and adjust their functioning according to the user’s needs.

  1. Veris

Veris provides intelligent workplace solutions for improved safety and user experience. It is a solution package designed for modern workplaces and businesses. Veris provides solutions for Visitor Management, Meeting Room Management, and Desking.

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