11 Smart Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Bookings and Boost Revenue

“How can I get more bookings for my hotel?” is a question that all hoteliers have on their minds at all times. Whether you are running a small B&B, renting out your accommodation, or managing a hotel chain, the ultimate goal is to get more clients to book rooms.

It becomes more difficult when you are preoccupied with other million things in the mind of managing a hotel. Not to worry, today’s post contains a few of the best tips for increasing bookings and revenue.

11 Smart Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Bookings and Boost Revenue

  1.   Use a loyalty program

Even the best luxurious hotels in India provide a loyalty program. A loyalty program offers an additional incentive for customers to choose your hotel over competitors. Even if you own a small boutique hotel, a loyalty program can help you increase bookings. Keep your loyalty programme free to join and reward members for staying with you.

The reward could be as simple as a free drink, free meal, free WiFi, restaurant and spa service discounts, and more.

  1. Streamline the reservation procedure

Today, many customers, both business and leisure travelers, make online hotel reservations. Hence, ensure that your hotel website provides a consistent reservation experience for your guests.

Think about buying a cloud system for property management that manages all of your business’s operations, from hotel reservations to accounting, and from customer data to insights. Having a flexible business software system that provides real-time precise figures about your property enables you to customize room prices, offer promotions, and value-added package deals to increase occupancy rates.

  1.   Add a personal touch

Marketing is all about adding a personal touch. Be it leisure or business travelers – they don’t prefer the same facilities and amenities as everyone else. Providing personal touches to your clients – present and future that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Offer your guest a special discount to stay on birthdays, anniversaries or other special days. Deliver freshly brewed coffee to your guest who loves waking up to the aroma of coffee. These are a few examples of how you can win your clients’ love and loyalty and get them to stay with you again and again.

  1. Upgrade your interiors and amenities

Once your guests book a room, the next step is to make them loyal to your brand. For this, it is always necessary to provide your guests with the best experience while they stay at your property.

You might be the top hotels in Hyderabad but if your rooms need upgrade, go ahead with it, especially if they are starting to age. Make sure to change your in-house menu, and hire additional staff to boost the housekeeping. We understand that it will require extra money but fret not. You can easily avail of a business loan for your hotel business that can help in boosting the services and facilities.

  1.   Go Green

Many travelers are looking for eco-friendly options. With the increase in eco-friendly awareness, many guests prefer properties that are not only luxury but responsibly eco-friendly as well. In fact, as per a survey by TripAdvisor, 63% i.e. almost two-thirds of hotel guests are ready to pay more for eco-friendly and sustainable properties.

You can always begin with small changes such as replacing tiny toiletries with refillable containers and stainless-steel water bottles rather than disposable plastic bottles. They play a huge role in boosting your environment-friendly credentials and winning the loyalty of your guests.

  1.   Well-organized website

Design is crucial in this case. If you’ve not upgraded your website in a long time, consider changing it to reflect new trends and rules. The ideal page loading time is about three seconds. If you want to bring in more revenue, you must also provide simple navigation. Frequently publish new content and ensure that themes correspond to people’s current interests. By following these suggestions, you will be able to thrive in this highly competitive market.

  1. Mobile version of the website

Almost everyone uses a smartphone these days. So, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It should also load quickly so check the speed time. Pay attention to whether your website’s features are mobile-friendly if the content is reader-friendly and if the links are clickable; or else, you will likely lose a lot of potential visitors.

Creating an app is a less expensive or rather mandatory solution. Consider the “mobile” needs of your guests: mobile check-in/out, keyless entry, push notifications, and so on. Hospitality is one of the industries where it is best to keep up with current trends.

  1. Stimulate direct bookings

Rather than paying OTA fees, you can focus on ways to boost direct bookings. To begin, the booking system must be quick and simple; or else, the visitor will abandon the website. Second, use an abandonment tool to notify potential guests who have abandoned the cart with orders to finish their booking.

Retargeting is yet another effective idea to attract visitors and increase revenue. This is effective advertising based on the user’s previous actions. If anybody visits your website, they will see advertisements for the Hotel.

  1.   Metasearch engines 

When looking for vacation accommodations, many people use TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder. The hotelier will be able to increase revenue by driving up the rate based on the quality of service.

Sustaining with powerful competitors and growing your business are challenging problems for both new and experienced hotel owners. Follow tried-and-true professional advice and give your guests the greatest experience possible, and your efforts will definitely be rewarded.

  1.   Make Certain You’re Reaching the Correct Audience

What kind of hotel are you promoting, and who are your typical customers? These individuals book differently, travel differently, and have varying budgets. That is why tools like income targeting will be effective. While this may seem evident, there are additional ways to segment your audiences when marketing your hotel.

Many hotels cater to a wide range of income levels, as they provide both more opulent rooms (such as presidential suites) and more affordable rooms. These two audiences must be separated and targeted separately. Even the same hotel chain has different rates in different areas. All of these factors must be considered when developing marketing campaigns.

  1. Create Local Partnerships

Your hotel is unlikely to be in the middle of the desert. You’re probably surrounded by small shops and tourist attractions. You should get to know your neighbors, whether they are well-known restaurants, shops, or yoga studios. Making friends with local business owners is an excellent way to form alliances and co-promote one another, especially if you’re trying to market a luxury resort rather than a chain.

For example, you could collaborate with a popular brewery to hold a contest in which the winner receives a free beer fest and beer tasting, as well as a discounted stay at your hotel. Establishing these relationships will result in simple, effective, and cost-effective marketing that will undoubtedly increase your booking rates.

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