12 Reasons Why You Should Implement SEO on Your Website

SEO Business Growth

SEO in its essence can be referred to as ‘oxygen’ for websites. Simply creating a website is not enough. To get to the top, i.e. the first page of search engine results, implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques is required. SEO, as mentioned before, is quintessential for websites, or it is very easy to get lost in the ocean of similar websites online, which are doing the exact same things as yours. SEO Services is important for businesses as it goes a long way in marking your presence out there where it matters. 

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an umbrella term used for several techniques that help you amplify your website’s visibility on the internet. It can get you noticed, garner direct traffic to your website, help in conversions and boost your profits. SEO is the mastery of Google’s search algorithms and using them for enhanced presence on the internet. Some of the activities undertaken under SEO are content marketing, backlinking, internal linking, meta analysis etc. With a great SEO plan you can climb up the rankings at an insane speed and make your business flourish by getting more and more users to click on your website. Let’s discuss in more detail as to why SEO is so important for your business with some relevant key insights. 

Why is SEO so important? 

  1. The Boon of Organic Search: Google is undeniably the king of all search engines. It owns 3/4th of the total search market. Billions of searches are conducted on Google everyday. An average person conducts upto 3 Google searches per day, looking for general information, services, business etc. This establishes that Google holds a lot of influence over the search engine ecosystem and to rise to the top Google’s guidelines should be strictly followed. SEO activities conducted in tandem with these guidelines provide free organic traffic to your business. 
  2. Earn Credibility With SEO: Quality backlinks, user reviews, optimized on-page SEO elements and relevant content put you ahead in the race to the top of the SERPs. However, persistence is the key as it takes time and efforts to build credibility and trust in your business online, just like it happens in real life. 
  3. Enrich User Experience to Maximize SEO:  For organic rankings and maximum visibility, create an enriching user experience. Google interprets positive and negative user experiences and uses them to rank websites. The goal should be to provide users the information they are looking for in as few clicks as possible. An attractive website with informative content promotes positive reviews and improves your website’s performance. 
  4. Engage and Convert With Local SEO: Rise in mobile traffic has evoked the need for local SEO. The key is to be easy to find and to be where your customers are. Local citations, review sites, backlinks and local listings boost local SEO like no other. Marking your presence with the local business listings helps customers easily find you and contact you. 
  5. Good SEO Boosts Sales: Use well implemented SEO to crack deals and to approach prospective customers. Make worthy connections and meet your customers halfway through. 
  6. Stay Updated With the SEO Trends: Keep monitoring your website using SEO auditing and analysis tools and keep a proactive approach towards learning about the nascent changes in the SEO domain. Do not sit back and watch, but rather keep out a sharp eye and stay focussed. Google makes a thousand changes to its algorithms every year and also updates them on its website. Stay ahead by adapting to the changes as quickly as possible.
  7. Crack the SEO Code and Get on Top: The world wide web is ever changing and it becomes really tricky to stay on top of these changes. Stay in the loop and keep updating yourself and your SEO strategy. The more you understand SEO and how it works on search engine rankings, the more ideas you will get to crack this enigma. 
  8. SEO is Comparatively Cheap: Don’t think of SEO as cost incurred or expenditures, rather it is an investment with considerable benefits in the grand scheme of things. A good SEO implementation gives returns for long time and years to come. The more efforts and funds you devote to SEO the more dividends it pays off to your business. 
  9. Don’t Play the Short-game, Think Long-term: SEO reflects its results slowly and gets amplified with time. It works like compound interest, adding benefits as time passes. Therefore, the longer you stay in the race, the more ahead you get from your competition. It is not a sprint race, but rather a marathon and a test of endurance. 
  10. You can measure SEO: Unlike paid advertising, it may not offer easy to calculate ROIs of SEO, but it does offer analytics and statistics that let you know exactly how you are doing. You can track how your actions are affecting your website, but like before, it is an overtime process. Data is the best way to evaluate and re-evaluate your SEO activities and their effectiveness. 
  11. SEO=new opportunities: SEO brings new opportunities to the table, however discovering them and leveraging them can be a challenge sometimes. To maximize your SEO campaign, understand your brand, the market and implement them with persistence. 
  12. Dominate The SERP No.1:  For any business that is using SEO techniques, page 1 of the SERP is the destination. If you’re not there then you’re missing your mark. The results on the first page of Google search are most likely to get visitors, out of which the first three organic search results steal most of the traffic. So, if you want users to click on your website link, that’s your target. 

Everyday thousands of new websites are created but they never see the top few pages of the SERP, where the actual battle happens. SEO fits in this grand scheme of things and helps in giving your website the right boost to reach its desired goal, i.e. SERP no.1. With time and consistency, SEO brings unprecedented benefits which last longer than other methods like paid advertising, PPC etc. if you’ve still not optimized your website, do it right now before it’s too late.

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