13 Amazing Facts About Bean Bags

If you’ve been looking for soft, comfy furniture, bean bags are probably your first thought. We’ve been thinking about bean bags lately and have outlined 13 amazing facts about them. Read ahead to find out.


Amazing Facts About Bean Bags

The cozy little seater in your house has a personality of its own. We’ve outlined just the reasons that make your bean bag special.

1.     The Italians Created this First Shapeless Chair

Initially called Sacco, this shapeless chair was first brought to life by three designers in an Italian furniture company. It was made of leather and was called the first shapeless chair. The idea emerged when the designers saw that employees loved lounging on bags filled with Styrofoam. This pushed them to create the bean bag as you know it today.

2.     The World’s Biggest Bean Bag Weighs More Than 2 Tons

This colorful bean bag is manufactured by the company Comfort Research. It also broke the Guinness World Record for the largest bean bag in 2017.

3.     The First Bean Bags Were Made for Hippies

The hippie or the counter culture of the 1960s decade was aimed at as the target market for the first bean bags ever made. For the young minds that belonged to the hippie culture, the bean bag was a great addition to their non-conformist views.

4.     Bean Bags Are Great for Your Posture

Contrary to popular belief, your trusty bean bag can be your back’s best friend. Unlike regular chairs that support only your back, bean bags curve around your back to give natural support to your spine.

5.     The Slouchy Bean Bag Design Remained the Same for Thirty-Four Years

This means that the original bean bag kept its shape for almost four decades. It was only in about 2002 Jukks Setala gave the bean bag a little makeover.

6.     A Special Bean Bag Provides Comfort to Pregnant Women

Given their posture enhancing properties, bean bags are now known to be a great resting option for pregnant women. Made with a hole in the center, pregnant women can rest their bellies on the bean bag to take the pressure off their back.

7.     Bean Bags Are Used in Non-Lethal Guns

This may come as a surprise, but little bean bags can cause quite a lot of damage. Used in shot-guns instead of bullets, they are used to disable threatening people without the risk of the injury that bullets can cause.

8.     You can sing ‘Bean Bag’ and Not Just Sit on It

The song ‘Bean Bag’ by Herb Albert was adapted for the Television show ‘It’s a Knockout’ in the UK. It became extremely popular even in the US, just like its talented artist.

9.     Bean Bags Make It Easier for Robots to Grab Things

Robots are now equipped with bean bag hands. This clutching method makes it easier for them to grab little things like pins and matchsticks that were difficult otherwise.

10.                        Photographers Use Bean Bags as Tripods

Because of the cushioning provided by these bean bags, they reduce the risk of expensive camera equipment falling. Several photographers hence use these instead of tripods.

11.                        The Smallest Bean Bags Are Used to Play Hacky Sack

In this game, you kick a little bean bag around and don’t let it touch the floor. This game lets bean bags make a handy little play item.

12.                        The Bean Bag Game Cornhole is even Covered by ESPN

In the 1860s, this game was played with metal disks. Today, it is played with bean bags and covered by ESPN.

13.                        Baby Bean Bags Can Be Better for Your Babies than Mattresses

Many babies gulp in air, and this can result in issues like Colic that cause stomach irritation. Also, babies often develop flat spots on their heads due to hard mattresses. The bean bag’s shape and elevation help with these and is soothing to the baby.

Final Verdict

Now you know that the bean bags before you are not just slouchy little furniture. From soothing babies to acting as a non-lethal alternative to bullets, it has a special personality of its own.


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