15 Accessories You Need To Buy To Play Hockey

Hockey is a game of skills. You need to practice for long hours to play the sport well. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to becoming a successful hockey player.

If you want to learn the game, you need to take professional coaching classes. But before that, you must buy all the essential equipment to play hockey.

Two teams play hockey. There are many chances to get hurt while playing the game. So, guards and safety gears are essential for a player while playing hockey.

Here is the list of fifteen pieces of equipment that you must buy to play hockey-

  1. Hockey Stick-

A Hockey stick is the most crucial piece of equipment of all. You need to choose the right hockey stick for you. When buying a hockey stick, you have to consider your height. The stick’s length should match your height. The too long or too short stick will cause inconvenience.

  1. Shoes-

Hockey shoes are different from other sports shoes. They have long, sharp studs for better grip. But if you are playing on an indoor court, the best choice for shoes will be court shoes.

  1. Shin Guards-

Hockey shin guards are quite important for a player. They are different from a soccer shin guard. The shin guards protect your legs from the beatings of a hockey stick. So, buying a good quality shin guard is necessary.

  1. Garter Belt-

A garter belt helps to keep your pants and your groin guard in place. These belts are inexpensive but quite useful.

  1. Mouth Guard-

A mouth guard is another compulsory accessory in hockey. It protects your mouth from getting hurt in any collision. You cannot go on the field without wearing a mouth guard.

  1. Stick Bag-

If you carry many hockey sticks with you to the field, a stick bag will definitely be a necessary thing to buy. But if you have only one bat, you can easily skip this item.

  1. Black Tape-

A black tape is essential. You wrap it around the bottom of your hockey stick, and it protects the stick from dents, tears, etc. The hockey stick is your most important weapon on the field. So, you must guard it using the tape.

  1. Ball-

A Hockey ball is an essential item in this sport. You should have a personal ball in your bag. For a beginner, a turf ball is perfect.

  1. Helmet-

A helmet guards your head and face against serious injury. When buying a helmet, you must check its size and fit. The helmet should fit your head perfectly. You should be able to see the field, other players, and the ball properly.

  1. Throat Protector-

For a goalie, a throat protector is compulsory. It wraps around the throat and neck to protect them from getting hurt. The International Hockey Federation has made a throat protector mandatory for goalies from all age groups. Without it, you cannot play a match.

  1. Elbow Guards-

Elbow guards are tied around the elbows to guard them. The pad inside the elbow guard serves as a comfortable cushioning. These elbow guards will save your elbow from scratches if you fall on the field.

  1. Chest Pad-

The goalies need chest pads. It protects the goalie’s chest. You have to tie it around your chest with the adjustable belts. Buy a chest guard according to your size.

  1. Leg Guards-

The lower legs are often at risk of getting hurt by hockey sticks while you play a match. The opponent team may hit your legs with their sticks. So, a leg guard is quite useful to safeguard your lower legs.

  1. Goalie Girdle-

For a goalie, the protection of each body part is essential. A goalie girdle protects the hips and legs.

  1. Groin Protector

A male player always needs a groin protector while playing. Because it is a sensitive body part, the groin can easily get hurt in a collision. So, protecting your groin using a guard is necessary. Usually, groin guards come with a garter belt or goalie girdle set.

You must buy this equipment from a well-known sports brand. Many online shops sell high-quality sports equipment at a reasonable price.

Hockey is gaining its due popularity. If you are interested in learning this sport, you need a lot of training. But with proper coaching, you can definitely become a skilled player.




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