15 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use it

Apple launched the Apple Watch in April 2015 and since then the wearable device has become one of the best accessories for the iPhone, second only to the Airpods. The earlier versions of the Apple Watch faced some issues and were met with harsh criticism over their relevance. However after almost 5 years, the Apple Watch has become the favourite of Apple fans along with adding new features to its arsenal with every update. Using an Apple Watch is fairly easy but using it to fullest may require you to learn some tricks. Here are a few of them to get you started.

Track your sleep
Worried about your sleep schedule? Apple Watch’s new update allows third party apps like Pillow and Auto Sleep to monitor your sleep schedule so that you can get insights on your sleeping activity.

Unlock your Mac
If you have a Mac released in 2014 or later with the new macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher, you can directly unlock your Mac from your Apple Watch. Head over to your Mac and select System Preferences and then select Security & Privacy. In this section select the general tab which will allow you to see the Apple Watch connected to your iCloud account. Make sure both of these have the same account and the two-factor authentication is enabled on both.

Add music to your watch
With the previous iterations of the Apple Watch one could import songs through a playlist but the latest update allows you to transfer MP3 songs on your Apple Watch for you to listen to on your Bluetooth headphones.

Set an alarm or timer
The Alarms app in the Apple Watch allows you to set alarms that can sync with your iPhone. The Timer app also allows you to set a timer which alerts you with a mild vibration once it is over.

Take a screenshot
Pushing the Digital Crown and the action button allows you to take a screenshot of your Apple Watch and then save them to your camera roll on your iPhone.

Take an ECG reading
The series 4 of Apple Watch has allowed it to take an ECG testing right on your wrist, and while Apple claims that this is not a replacement to a professional ECG scanner, it is reliable enough to keep one updated about their heart’s health.

Interchange your bands
One of the fun things to experiment with the look of your Apple Watch is to scroll through a plethora of wristband options available at any Apple store. This allows you to even match your band with your outfit.

Use heart rate notifications
Along with ECG reading, the Apple Watch is capable of delivering quick notifications when it detects a heart rate that is higher or lower than usual. This allows a much better detection of anything serious that might happen later.

Share your Activity rings
You can now share your Activity rings which store all your fitness data. You can now share it with your friends to compare your progress and see theirs too.

Use pictures for your watch faces
Apple Watch uses your images marked as Favourites from the photo album as a watch face by default. This way you can mark your images by clicking the heart button in your gallery and see them as watch faces on your Apple Watch.

Enable Fall Detection
The series 4 Apple Watch can detect when you have fallen to the ground. However, unless your age is above 65 years, the watch will not take any action by default. To activate it for any age, open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select the My Watch tab and go to the Emergency SOS section to toggle the Fall Detection option.

Flush out water after a dive
Series 2 onward, every Apple Watch has been made waterproof. However, if you are worried about any residue that might affect your watch, head to the Apple Watch Control Center. Click on the water droplet icon which will then prompt you to move the Digital Crown to remove any water.

Reply from your watch
You can now tap on the microphone icon to dictate your reply to a message when you receive a message notification.

Use the Theater mode
Apple Watch has a theatre mode which is marked by the Greek theatre masks which can be accessed when you swipe up from your watch face. This lets you darken the screen which otherwise may look disturbing in a dark environment.

Listen to a podcast
With the watchOS 5, the Apple Watch received the Podcasts app which can let you listen to your favourite podcasts that sync up with your podcasts from your iPhone and Mac.

Source : 15 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use it

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