15 Most Common Electrical Problems You Should Know About

  • Electrical surges

The primary reasons behind your home’s electrical surges are poor wiring, destructed power lines, damaged appliances, and lightning strikes. Although the outcomes of an electrical surge last only for a few microseconds, they can have a negative impact on the life expectancy of electrical appliances.

  • Overloading issues

Light fixtures are connected to fittings and high-watt bulbs that aren’t capable to bear the load of normal fixtures. Due to code violations, there is a high risk involved. The bulb’s high heat can cause the insulation and socket wires to melt ultimately. It can give rise to sparks in several wires-which can finally lead to electrical fires.

  • Power dips or sags 

Sags or dips are highly common due to faulty power grips and their interconnection to electrical appliances. The problem can arise in grids that are manufactured from low-quality materials. In such cases, once the light is switched on, it can draw additional power.

  • An uncovered junction box

The junction box consists of numerous wires. These wires are linked to each other. An uncovered wire box is extremely dangerous for people as the chances of getting shocks are high. Cover the wire box with different screws.

  • Light switches that don’t work 

When sub-standard products or dim switches can’t work when lights are adjusted, the major reason behind it is bad workmanship. The issue may also arise on account of wiring, outlet, or circuit disorders.

  • Flickering light

When your wiring is frayed due to harsh or windy weather outside a movement in cables can lead to a sudden short-circuit. Although it isn’t counted as a part of a code violation, it can lead to a fire. Reach out to a residential electrician today to learn about electrical issues existing inside your home right away. In most cases, your electrician will change or replace the Weatherhead.

  • Few outlets

In today’s world, almost all homes rely on extension cords or power strips completely. Avoid using bulky load extension cords- especially one with 14-gauge or something that’s too thick to minimize the risk. It is highly recommendable for homeowners to utilize numerous outlets at the same time. An electrician can help you to carry out this task.

  • Frequent electric shocks

Frequent electrical shocks are the most dangerous situations we come across every day- it usually occurs when the distribution of electricity isn’t even or it is not used properly. Such electricity issues are more common in ancient homes as the circuits were fitted several years ago.

An electric shock usually occurs when a device is switched on or switched off. The root cause of the issue is usually found inside the appliance and the wiring system. Err on the side of caution and reach out to a commercial electrician right away- to minimize risks and resolve such severe issues.

  • Frequently burning out of your home’s light bulbs

When your home’s light bulbs often burn out, it is more likely that your issue is related to:

  • Insulation is located close to light
  • High watts
  • Poor wiring found in mains or circuit
  • High wattage load on dimmer switches

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