How strange can the fruits we eat be? What makes them strange? In this article, we will introduce you to 15 world strangest fruits. They possess some features that make them stand out or rather odd. These fruits include:
15. Pattaya: This fruit is also known as dragon fruit due to its strange appearance of the skin, the fruit looks like a fireball straight out of a dragon’s mouth. This edible fruit grows in southern parts of Asia like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Before you eat this fruit, you need to cut and skin it. The fruit is tasty, sour juicy, and refreshing. Since the fruit comes from a species of cactus, over-watering or heavy rainfall could cause the plant to rot and the fruit to be inedible.
14. Rambutan: This fruit is native to Asia, but in Vietnam, they’re known as cham cham which means messy hair. This plant is best adapted to warm climates and is sensitive to low temperatures. The taste is often sour and is edible when the color turns red. The fruit is fairly healthy and contains a significant amount of your daily needs of manganese. The fruit also has a pleasant fragrance; however, you need to be careful with the seeds which are a bit poisonous.
13. kiwano: This fruit is also known as the African horned melon. The inside of the fruit has similar taste to banana, cucumber and melon. The skin is also extremely healthy and contains high doses of vitamin C.
12. The Buddha hand: This fruit is also called the fingered citron. This weird fruit has a tough outside, sort of like a lemon but a sweet inside. It got its name from its tentacle-like figure and is grown in the Himalayas. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and often used in cooking.
11. The durian: Also known as the king of fruits has a hard spiny exterior that would seem to make it look like it’s unappetizing. It has a very bizarre odor comparable to smelling like a skunk or even sewage. Because of the strange smell, it is banned from being sold in some places.
10. The Sapodilla: This fruit is native in areas such as Mexico and the Yucatan. It grows from the Sapodilla tree and looks more like a chunk of wood than any edible fruit. The size is half the size of a potato and also resembles one also. It has a cotton candy or caramel like taste. Each fruit contains six to eight seeds, and the flash inside is more of an earthy brown color.
9. Mangosteen: The mangosteen grows on a tropical evergreen tree that originates from the Sunda Islands. The tree has been introduced to tropical areas around the world like Puerto Rico, Florida and southwestern India. The fruit has a purple inedible exterior and is described as sweet and tangy with a fluid-filled vesicle.
8. The pomelo: This Chinese grapefruit is the largest of all citrus fruits and is also known as asthe. The thick greenish yellow exterior is similar to that of a grapefruit has an identical taste but sweeter. The Chinese New Year traditions consider a pomelo gift as a sign of good luck prosperity and fertility. The fruit is native to Southeast Asia and rich in fiber and vitamin C.
7. Custard apple: This strange fruit gets its weird name of the Bulls heart due to its external appearance for a long time. The fruit is known for its medicinal properties and delicious taste. The skin of the fruit is thin and tough, and the inside is surrounded by seeds. This fruit can boost immunity, improve vision and oral hygiene, and has anti-cancer properties.
6. The Rose apple: The rose apple which is prized in Southeast Asia has a pleasant taste and fragrance of a rose. The bell shape makes it appear as if it’s a blossom of beautiful roses. The rose apple can detoxify the body, prevent cancer, and used to treat fever.
5. Red banana: This species of banana differs from the yellow or green banana we are familiar with. They are also sweeter and plumper than the regular bananas and are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene.download (5)
4. The salic: This fruit is found in southern Asia and is also called the snake fruit. It has a similar look to garlic when peeled, and it mostly sold in the island of Bali to locals and tourists. It tastes like pineapple and lemon juice.
3. The ugly fruit: This strange fruit earns the insensitive nickname of the ugly fruit. This melon-size citrus fruit from the island of Jamaica is slightly larger than grapefruit, and when it’s ripe, it can be as sweet as a tangerine. Some describe the fruit to taste like a hybrid between a lemon and a tangerine. This fruit is cheap, very juicy and rich in vitamin C.
2. The physalis: This fruit is also known as the ground cherry and can be grown in warm subtropical climates in many parts of the world. This fruit grows in similar fashions to tomato and has a large papery husk that covers them. They are commonly used in jams and jellies identical to other gooseberries. The Physalis is vulnerable to many pests like spider, mites, aphids, and whiteflies. It has a unique, sweet and sour taste like a strawberry covered in lemon juice.
1. The square watermelon: These square watermelons that come from Japan are fascinating. It’s still just like any other watermelon out there but has the shape of a square. The shape makes it easier to transport in shipping containers and just about anyone can grow them. While the watermelon is still on the vine, it’s placed in a square container, and it grows assuming the shape of a square.

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