18k Gold Ring Men’s Is Made of Pure Gold

It has become a tradition that the wedding rings should be made of gold and thus you always strive to get such a ring made of pure gold. But the matter of confusion comes in front when you get the tag on the jewelry. The purity of the gold is indicated by the term Karat which is written as K in short. Thus many people don’t know the meaning of the letter K written on the tag and they fall into a dilemma whether the jewelry is made with pure gold or not. Here in this article, you are going to know about the basics of Karat measures as well as the 18k gold ring mens best suitable types.

How Pure Is 18k Gold?

Since in this article the basis of purity of the gold will be discussed, you need to know that pure gold is very soft in nature and can’t be put into a proper shape of jewelry. 100% pure gold is not at all good to make jewelries and this is why you need to mix some other metals into it so that it becomes hard and firm to make jewelries.

To make an 18k gold wedding band you need to make 25% alloy metal into 75% pure gold and then only it will become firm enough to make such a band. Normally the gold men mix bronze or copper with gold to keep the color of the gold intact. But in the modern age, some people are mixing silver and making gold jewelry of different colors. Thus the purity of gold is lesser in an 18k gold wedding band than that of a 24-carat gold wedding band, so the price is also lesser. On the other hand, as you will have to keep the 18k gold ring mens wearing every time, it should be hard enough to prevent decay. Actually, the more gold will be there in the jewelry, the firmness will decrease. This is why; an 18K Gold band is always the best choice to make such a ring.

There are different designs that come within the range and you need to choose the right one for you. You can have a curved wedding band that looks pretty good on the fingers and is quite comfortable to work with the band. Wedding bands are not only round in shape now; they are coming in different shapes now. You can also get an oval-shaped wedding band which facilitates comfort during your work. On the other hand, it provides enough support for you to take it off from your fingers as well when you need to do that.

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