1st Credit SG Pte Ltd – License Money Lender in Bugis

When you are in need of money for any reason, is there any one that can help you with that? Anyone you know that can help you with your problem? Everyone of us have family, friends and colleagues. But will they be able to help you when an emergency emerges?

People close to you may be able to provide you with a loan but you will have to ask them for it. Will you be able to bring yourself to asking them? If they are generous and not in need of the money, they will not rush you for the money back. But if they do and you are unable to pay up, you may end up with unhappy relationships with people you were once closed to. Furthermore, they may not have enough money set aside in their bank to help you with the full loan amount that you need. Any sudden emergency can run up to thousands of dollars. Especially if it is medical related. 

Institutions like banks are the next best available choice. Banks will base your loan application on your credit background, ability to pay etc. This is before they decide to grant you a loan. The approved amount you will be able to obtain can rely on many factors. When you apply for a loan with banks, you need to know that they have a processing time. It can be between 1 working day to 14 working days. The amount of time depends on what loan you are applying for. Also it will also depend on your credit history. 

With a bigger loan amount, banks will necessarily need more time to check through all your documents. Despite the amount of time spent on looking through your application, banks are very likely to reject your application if they find the slightest hint of bad credit from you. Imagine waiting for 2 weeks only to have your application rejected with no explanation. You don’t even know why your loan application was not approved. When this happens, how are you going to get the whole sum of money? Who can you turn to now? 

There is one option you have yet to explore and that is licensed money lender. There are more than a hundred license money lenders in Singapore that will be able to help you with your cash problems. 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd will be your best choice when looking for a good money lender to assist you through your cash problems. 

1st Credit SG Pte Ltd was formerly known as Ariksha Moneylender. They have been a licensed moneylender in Singapore since 1989. Giving them more than 25 years of experience! Throughout the years, they have been able to help countless people through their difficult times. Even though we are only half way through the year, 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd has already issued many loans to people to help them. 

Personal cash needs or business cash needs, you can be sure that 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd will be there to help you. Many businesses have been provided the cash to help them bring in more stocks or pay off their suppliers etc. 1st Credit SG has many different types of loans, just let them know what you are looking for. Their loan services range from personal to monthly loans. They also provide business and foreigner loans. Are you a foreigner working in Singapore? Let 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd help you! 

Do you require financial assistance? If your answer is yes, you can consider approaching 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd formerly known as Ariksha Moneylender. They are one of the best licensed money lender near Bugis area. Their office is located near Bugis MRT Station, 149 Rochor Road #01-07 Fu Lu Shou Complex Singapore 188425. Prefer to give them a call first? You can reach them at +65 6266 5422.

Apply a loan today from the best licensed money lender. If you happen to be unable to make it down on a weekday, do not worry. 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd is open on weekends. They are one of the money lenders open on weekend to give assistance to people in need of money. Find out more on their website http://www.moneylenderhub.com/

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