2019- A Look at the Trendy Website Design Colour Schemes


Your brand depends on your website to a significant extent. The way that your website is designed can have a substantial impact on your conversion rates. Hence, you need to put some careful thought into creating it. Selecting a colour theme for your website is crucial. While focusing on the content of your website is essential, the colour palette should not be an afterthought. It adds to the aesthetic value of your website and hence can be a significant determinant in whether or not your visitor stays on your webpage.

Here is a look at the trendy colour schemes of 2019:

Soft Tones

Using a simple colour scheme on your website, which has soft tones can be very appealing. They work exceptionally well if your website is dedicated to the fashion or jewellery industry. The simple colours go well together, and they help the product stand out rather than attracting too much attention on the website itself, which is excellent when you want to feature products on your website.

Gradients with White Text

When selecting a gradient colour, you need to be careful about what works best. With white text, a blue or a green gradient will suit them best. However, depending on your brand and preference, you can select any gradient. By using a gradient colour scheme, you can incorporate different tones in your website. It helps your website look updated and trendy, which is precisely what you need to attract more visitors.

Retro Style

Nothing ever goes out fashion, it just comes back in a different way retro styles are making a comeback in 2019, and the orange and red tones seem more appealing to attract visitors. With these hues, you will be able to add warmth to your website and help it stand out.

Grey, Soft Yellow, and Strong Greens

Some may be afraid of using bolder colours to their website. After all, not only does a website need to be aesthetically appealing, but it should function well as well. With darker and bolder tones it can be quite striking to the eye, and often be difficult to read. However, there is a simple solution to that. By adding softer grey tones in the background, you can not only make these colours pop, but you can make them easier to read.

Pastels and Primary Colours

Create a stunning contrast by using primary colours and pastels to your website. If you want to give your website a vibrant and futuristic feel, then do not shy away from incorporating more colours. However, you must be careful about using them sparingly. Although it creates a stunning combination, overdoing it can be easy hence you need to ensure that you balance it out well and use the bolder primary colours where they appear striking, but not too much.

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