2020 Is The Y2020 Is The Year For You To Have A Webinar Landing Pageear For You To Have A Webinar Landing Page

With adversities all around in the year 2020, business holders have headed towards the “Online platforms” to set up their businesses. The silver lining to the cloud is that you must not wait further to run a webinar. With promotion options limited at these times, a webinar can serve as an excellent alternative to reach out to your audience.

How Will A Webinar Help?

Webinars are a favourite option for the ones who are a pro in the marketing field. A webinar helps you get so many things in just little efforts.

  • Webinars can give you the desired number of leads.

A webinar is nothing but an easy, efficient, and quick technique for a marketer to generate more leads in less time.

  • Webinars help you educate

You decide what you want to deliver in your webinar. Through a well-conceptualized webinar, you can enlighten your audience about your products and services. Moreover, you create stronger ties with a webinar. People find you reliable if you give demos in your webinars.

  • Establish authority with webinars

Once you use the “demo” technique in your webinars, you create a sense of authority. You thus invite more and more people to connect with you and your brand.

  • You attract partners via webinars.

Webinars do not only help to attract the right audience, but it also attracts the right partners for your future endeavours. If done right, your prospective partners will hold a positive image of you and would like to connect with you in the near future.

The Best Webinar Landing Page Strategies You Need To Follow Now:

The following are some doable practices and strategies for you to skim through before you start with your webinar landing page. These practices are helpful because they won’t cost much of your time, energy, or money.

  • The Ideal Topic

Your topic should be compelling enough to attract the audience. Your topic should be contemporary, trendy, and relevant to your audience. Only then would you be able to grab the required attention. It should leave your audience in an energized mood, or else your webinar would be a waste.

  • Invite A Famous Face

An expert or guest in your webinar would bring their followers too to your campaign. In this case, the guest’s audience would automatically trust you and your brand, and would probably turn into your loyal customers in future. Moreover, webinars starring guests can be a starting point for many business partnerships.

  • Follow Up With Registrants

Only sharing the confirmation message isn’t enough; you need to keep your registrants excited for your webinar. Send them promotional stuff every now and then, to keep their interest active for your webinar.

  • Little Glances Of Your Webinar

Once your webinar is over, you can reach out to a good video editor to get some exciting clips from the main event. These tiny clips will do the promotional work and will keep your audience ready for future webinars. It simply drives a huge amount of traffic.

Get Inspired With The Following

So now you know the quick tips to get started with your webinars. It’s time for you to look at some amazing webinar landing pages that will teach you a thing or two about webinars. Go through the list and incorporate the idea that would work best for you.

  • Vyond

This webinar landing page does the laborious work of scoring the leads and signups for you on autopilot. The first thing here that needs to be admired is its visual appeal. The colours used are catchy, and the headline looks clear. There is a 44-seconds video that gives a personalized touch to the main content. Vyond’s customer success training manager will be introducing the app to you in these 44 seconds. Next, you will get to see some “wow” like visuals that tell you about the app and its easy to use nature.

  • Unbounce

The motion logo sets the first interesting impression. The webinar here looks more like a conference. The interesting visual appeal that it offers has been an independent reason for many to tune in.

  • Libris

Libris is the one that uses motion as its appealing factor. The visuals shown reinforces the viewer to watch more and connect with the brand. The chatbot, too, asks for your attention in the most interesting ways. Want a spoiler? The chatbot asks “You hungry?”

  • Tailwind

Here also, the visuals are doing a great job. They immediately catch your attention at first glance. The page is smartly designed as all the elements on the page are well-aligned. Next, you won’t get annoyed with the presence of any contact form. You will get to see it only if you ask for it. All in all, Tailwind does the “soft selling” work.

  • Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle swears by “clarity”. The body copy will force you to admire it. The thing that’s fancy about it is the fact that there is nothing too fancy about it. The copy is simplistic and straightforward. There is no extra fluff to waste your time and energy. Bandzoogle showcases the privacy policy smartly in the bottom.

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