2021 Windows 10 Hidden Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Windows is installed on over 800 million machines. The original monarch of operating systems (OS) is still running great, and their most recent edition includes even more capabilities to help you use your laptop more quickly and smoothly.

Since Microsoft’s maintenance for Windows 7 has expired, the majority of the world has switched to Windows 10 Professional, which is frequently paired with Ms 365. (Which used to be called Office 365?)

There are also lots of hints and tips to discover whether you’ve been using Windows 10 Pro for a while or have recently upgraded!

Remember that Microsoft changes their software several times per year with novel apps, settings, and customizing choices, so make sure your PC is up to date with the most recent Windows 10 edition!

Customize The Start Menu

The vivid and lively Start menu was likely the first feature you noticed about Windows 10.

What started as a bottom-of-the-screen button has evolved into a full encounter with live “tiles” that display graphics and even adverts.

However, did you know you can make it your own?

To change the look of your new workplace, click the Windows button at the base of your display and go to Start > Settings > Personalization > Start.

You will be able customize the left-hand side by selecting which system folders to display, displaying newly added apps, rearranging and resizing the tiles, and more.

. Quickly And Conveniently Search In Windows 10

The search function in Windows 10 is by far the most helpful element of the entire operating system. The search is no longer limited to helping you locate a misplaced file; it is now incorporated into system options as well.

To begin, go to the bottom left of the screen and click the search symbol. By design, the searching window displays your most frequently used apps as well as recent activity, allowing you to quickly access the programs and items you need.

Simply type in the taskbar at the top of the search box, and Windows will find the information you require.

Choose one of the three icons that show on the left side of the window, to swiftly limit down your search by category.

Organize Your Projects By Using Multiple Virtual Desktops.

Having numerous virtual desktops is a useful tool if you only have one monitor!

Juggling a range of tasks on the same laptop, even if you have numerous screens, can be difficult.

In Windows 10 Professional, the Task View window enables you to quickly and conveniently create an infinite number of virtual desktops. You can change the appearance of your virtual machine by moving programs between desktops, showing windows on all desktop computers, or closing pages on a specific desktop.

To create a virtual desktop, select the Task App icon (2 distinct rectangles) on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen or click the Windows Key + Tab to bring up the new Task View pane.

You’ll see all of your presently possible systems, but up in the top right corner of your display you’ll notice + New Desktop to create a new “virtual desktop,” click + New Desktop.

To move between desktop systems, open the Task Overview pane and select the desired desktop. Using the keyboard, go to Windows Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow and Windows Key + Ctrl + Right Arrow, you will swiftly swap desktops without having to open the Task View pane.

You can now quickly switch between desktops to find all of your various projects and activities!


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