2022 Bathroom Trends That Work with Every Decorating Style


Today, we’re going to discuss one of the most important rooms in the house – your bathroom! Let’s face it, this room can make or break the sale of your home, and today we’re going to go over some of the trends you can expect to see in bathroom renovation Sydney in 2022 – whether you have plans to renovate or not.

Flush Mount Medicine Cabinets

If you don’t have a lot of space, flush mount cabinets are an excellent option for storing medicine, mouthwash, and other bathroom items. This style is gaining popularity in today’s bathroom design trends because they maximise small spaces by using wall space instead of floor space. A good location for your cabinets is above a mirror or next to a window.

Stacked Stone Tiles

The best bathroom renovations Sydney is making a massive comeback, and tile experts say stacked stone tiles—such as those in cottage-style baths—are going to be big. Instead of letting these tiles dominate your space, try incorporating them in more subtle ways: around mirrors, on half walls or near cabinets and sinks. If you’re trying to avoid an all-white look, stacked stone can also give off a dark grey/brown vibe that might complement dark wooden cabinetry.

Rectangular Vessel Sinks

Having a vessel sink in your bathroom isn’t new, but they’re more popular than ever. Not only do they look great and offer functionality, but they also are relatively inexpensive to install.

Recessed Cabinets in the Shower Stall

This is a great way to create extra storage space in your shower. Many bathrooms have a shelf or two above the toilet, but you can’t access them from sitting down. Having recessed cabinets in your shower allows you to store items that need to be within reach (shampoo and soap, for example) but keep everything else out of sight.

Glass Door Cabinets

Glass doors on your bathroom cabinets are a great way to show off all of your beauty products, linens, and accessories. If you prefer an elegant look in your bathroom, consider a stained glass option for your cabinets. This will allow natural light to pass through while simultaneously displaying all of your belongings. Or, choose a clear glass door so you can see inside without opening it.

Undermount Lighting Fixtures

Have you heard about under-mount lighting? This new bathroom design trend can make your home a lot safer in case of a power outage or if there’s another emergency.


A lot can change in 5 years. It’s likely you won’t be living in your home by 2025, but if you plan on selling it, consider which of these new trends might work best for your clients—and build accordingly. If you’re considering Sydney bathroom renovations now, don’t worry too much about trying to stay ahead of design trends; rather, focus on building a space that is visually appealing and comfortable to use.

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