2022 Lost Ark October Roadmap Update

Lost Ark Arkesia also brings us new content in October with the arrival of Reaper, Summoner and Caliligos Guardian Raid. Players who are taking on the challenge of Arkesia can’t wait to enter the new roadmap.

The Brelshaza Legion Raid is one of the most challenging, unique, and dangerous raids in Lost Ark. New raids will be added in October as we move towards the climactic battle with the Phantom Legion Commander, and Arkesia heroes will take on new challenges to earn more Lost Ark Gold and other Items rewards for upgrade materials and progression opportunities.

Over the next three months, the release of the Reaper and Summoner premium classes concludes our plan to release the first 21 premium classes before adding other new (or future) classes and gives players new opportunities to make their most Favorite play styles to fill their list.

October Lost Ark update

New Event: Mystic Abyss Raid

Heralds and ark transporters of the Vairgrys, The Guardian Mystic has begun to cast a dangerous mist from the pervasive chaos, so players will need to defeat them in a new limited-time Abyssal Raid.

Abyssal Assault has a lot of challengers every week, challenging the Mystic requires Item Level 1302 or higher. During the Abyssal Raid event, “Scale of Harmony” is applied, changing character data to match the Guardian’s level.

Vykas Legion Raid – Inferno Difficulty

Inferno Difficulty will join the Vykas Legion Raid in October, requiring Item Level 1460 to enter. Inferno difficulty is the hardest version of Legion Raids. Prove yourself as one of Arkesia’s finest adventurers by earning prestige with titles, achievements, stronghold structures, and more on Inferno difficulty.

Achates Trial Guardian

Achates Trial Guardian Raid is similar to Legion Raids’ Inferno difficulty, offering a challenging experience that can only be accessed after setting up your build through the Book of Coordination. If defeated, the conquering side will receive prestigious achievement rewards and legendary titles to reward prestige and celebrate their victory.

Other Update

More details will be released in October. Arkesia players can look forward to Arkpass Season 2, Neria’s Wardrobe Halloween Edition, a September progression event and Competitive Proving Grounds Season 2 kicks off at the end of the month! To learn more, stay tuned to RPGStash. RPGStash not only provides the latest MMORPG news and guides, but also offers Lost Ark Gold for sale.

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Source Article: 2022 Lost Ark October Roadmap Update

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