2022 Teacher Planner with Lesson Plan Templates Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

It’s needless to say; teachers continue to have more and more responsibilities piled on their plates. The modern-day teacher should be aware of upcoming events, be on top of communication with parents and keep track of student passwords for various applications. However, we are humans too, and it’s impossible to stay up to date with everything.

Keeping your lessons and data organised throughout the year can be challenging. Life can be made easier by keeping a teacher diary or planner that includes lesson plan templates for the Australian Curriculum! The Resources for Teaching Team know that no teacher planner is complete without a calendar, but teachers need much more! Educators must be prepared and equipped for the weeks and months in the school year, so for this reason, they have created the perfect teacher diary.


Their 2022 Printable Teacher planner comes in a gorgeous floral design and includes plenty of templates to help you keep track of calendar events, weekly lessons, student data, weekly/monthly goals and tasks and much more. It’s useful for Australian teachers and includes plenty of helpful pages such as an overview of the AITSIL Standards, holidays and observances in Australia, and 2022 term dates for each state and territory.

It’s never been easier to download and print your own planner that comes with teacher lesson plans and templates that will help you stay organised throughout the year. Effective teachers try their best to be on top of their tasks and avoid the pile growing too high! For this reason, it’s essential to keep an organised diary to jot down ideas, tasks, goals and important information. Templates such as their weekly lesson plan for teachers are easy to fill in and refer to at any time.

The Resources for Teachers 2022 Planner is an affordable option for full-time, casual and preservice teachers who want to stay organised and track important events and data. To find out more visit: https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/all-resources/2022-printable-teacher-planner/ now!

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/ for more information.

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