2K Wants of MyCareer nicknames

I leaning towards not whatsoever. Not although I’d probably rather them include a choice of nicknames is fine by me. I think that they can not do that with the amount of voice acting. If that’s true, I would prefer the 2K10-2K13 narrative that was simple but still plenty of fun also allows more room for MT NBA 2K21 creativity. I recall that! The pre draft interviews were awesome. Decisions that ACTUALLY MATTER.

They would need to record every man who mentions your participant’s name saying every secondary nickname. Would definitely be a nice touch if they can pull it off! Name a game that includes every casted A-list Hollywood voice actor album every one of the 100+ available nicknames then place edits every one into different cut scenes to load based on what you have chosen.I’m interested in. Using one allows it to be smooth and natural.

2K leaning hard into creating MyCareer a true RPG experience, which is something that I like (I’m also an enthusiastic participant of DnD, therefore this is my niche). That being said, they should seperate MyCareer and Park that the men and women who want to play aggressive can do this with no unneeded cutscenes, and people like me who like a story based style that’s heavy on the story (I love Metal Gear btw) can enjoy that experience also. I would like an RPG expirience when the storyline wasn’t simple and overly debilitating to get through, while this is unpopular I wish they did not have voice acting so that they could have dialouge and cause it to be more customizeable.

I agree with you 100 percent (particularly when it comes to 2K16/18/19), but I feel the criticism for this years story is somewhat unfair. I liked it personally, I only wish there was more to it. I feel like I’ve tapped out all the cutscenes in about 30 games, because of that and I haven’t actually touched MyCareer in a few months. Yeah 2K20 has an alright story but they actually need to drop the nicknames, and it pops out way too soon, in a 13 year career you get half a year of narrative.

Additionally get rid of almost all the cut scenes. Talk about a waste of time. The quantity of development time which goes that nobody wants to sit through is such a waste which could go into other pieces of Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins. I enjoyed it. It gave an part of immersion into the life of an NBA player in the NBA simulator sport. Albeit annoying to replay every time you make a player, it could be jumped. Like they’d have invested that time incorporating something like, a locality that is brand new, it’s not.NBA 2K21 Suggestion- MyLeague Revamp

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