2Kb I2C Serial EEPROM 24C02C-E/P Introduction: Features, Applications, and More

The 24C02C from Microchip Technology Inc. is a 2Kbit Serial Electrically Erasable PROM (Programmable Only Memory) with a 4.5V to 5.5V voltage range. With a 2-wire serial interface, the device is structured as a single block of 256 x 8-bit memory. The low-current design allows for operation with just 5 A standby and 1 mA active currents, respectively. For both byte and page writes, the device has a page write capability of up to 16 bytes of data and has quick write cycle speeds of under 1 ms. The functional address lines allow up to eight 24C02C devices to be connected on the same bus for a total of 16K bits of contiguous EEPROM memory. Standard 8-pin PDIP, 8-pin SOIC (3.90 mm), 8-pin 2×3 DFN and TDFN, 8-pin MSOP and TSSOP packages are all available.click to check.


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