3 Basic Reasons Why You Need Glove Box Systems

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If you are working with certain chemicals that have high-risk factors associated with their names or chemicals that have specific atmospheric conditions to work in, then you need Glove Box Systems. Let us begin with knowing the system and its construction. It is comprised of a completely sealed box, ensuring a closed enclosure and is made up of transparent materials. This is done to facilitate the visualization process easier. The user needs to be able to visualize every step in a crystal clear manner because handling risky chemicals is tricky.

Attached to the containers is a pair of full-length gloves to allow the user to access the given chemicals. One of the other reasons to use such kind of a sealed container for performing experiments is to prevent contamination. Even if the laboratory filtration systems are working, it is essential to conduct specific experiments in an enclosed environment where positive air pressure can assist in the prevention process. Having Glove Box Systems is an effortless way of maintaining aseptic conditions for conducting experiments.

Now that you know what the system does, let us learn the five primary reasons why you need Glove Box Systems in your laboratory. Taking care of safety hazards is a must in technical workspaces; therefore, you should not neglect the importance of having such a system to stay safe.

For Maintaining An Inert Atmospheric Condition:

As already mentioned in the beginning, some chemicals are highly reactive in the presence of atmospheric humidity and moisture. While working with those chemicals, you have to follow a set of additional safety regulations so that any mishap does not come across. One such regulation is to ensure that the enclosed chamber is free of moisture or humidity, and the ambiance is completely inert. There should not be any complementary and reactive molecular species present inside.

Usually, there are specific devices installed through which the gas inside the chamber is passed through to remove solvents, oxygen or any other liquid/gaseous substances. Very often, molecular sieves are used to absorb the molecules present inside and get rid of them. Definite ventilations are also present to make sure their removal is complete. The application of high-pressure gas also accomplishes the maintenance of inert ambiance. This is due to the fact that in the case of leaky cracks, instead of letting air pass inside, the high pressure-gas will flow out.

For Manipulating Hazardous Chemicals:

Common hazardous chemicals used in laboratories include methanol, chloroform, dimethyl sulfoxide, sodium hydroxide, etc. While they play essential roles in different experimental approaches, their usage and disposal is quite a tricky business. In such circumstances, using Glove Box Systems comes handy and useful.

With the use of Glove Box Systems, chemicals of this category can be handled with extra precaution without altering the visibility of the whole process. If you are dealing with risky substances daily, you should opt for the systems that have shielded materials inside the chamber. For example, radioactive elements emit harmful radiation for which an effective shielding system should be incorporated.

A prevalent and simple technique to battle this situation is to keep the pressure of the gas very low. This is done so that in the case of leaky outlets, the gas containing hazardous substances does not flow outward but takes air inside. Such kind of systems also comprises of HEPA filters fitted with the filtration or ventilation unit so that the chemicals do not move out.

Ensures Complete Safety Of The User:

Glove Box Systems provide maximum safety to the users because they are attached to high quality and thick gloves, which are of full arm length. If you are handling toxic substances, you should use a pair of gloves. But this does not complete the safety protocol. That is why you should opt for Glove Box Systems, which are a more secure and reliable option.

Also, you can maintain a reasonable distance from the reactive species easily because they are enclosed in a sealable chamber. This avoids any explosive mishaps or anything that can cause health hazards from being in close proximity.

Have you Updated your Knowledge regarding Safety Hazards?

With the aforementioned reasons as to why you should own a Glove Box System, you should probably have a better insight into the requirement of lab safety and regulations. There has been a widespread rate of infectious diseases, newly discovered toxicants and various other emerging fields in Science since the last few decades. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to have a well-equipped laboratory because it is the home where all the discovery starts from.

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