3 Benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise for Business of all sizes

Generally, windows 10 enterprise is considered to be the most secure operating system, well, this is not just in marketing language but very practical. Windows 10 comes equipped with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) proving to be very effective in the largest global ransomware attack (Winery). SMBs now see the cybersecurity defence and productivity upsides of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Enterprises offered through a cloud solution provide like corps. With Windows 10 organization are capable of strengthening their security posture by using enhanced security features that are offered through the windows ten cold. This protects you against cyber threats, including ransomware. That said, there are main of reasons why we recommend Window 10 Enterprise.

Secure your Organization

People and data are the stepping stone of every organization. That’s why Enhanced windows 10 home security features allow businesses to keep their data, devices and users safe at all times. The operating system makes it a piece of cake for small and mid-sized business to access Window 10 upsides on enterprise-grade security and having control without unrealistic costs. A great example is AppLocker management, which is a tool that helps administrators determine which applications and files users can run in a particular device. The device Guard protects the windows system core preventing untrusted apps from starting. Using the Credential Guard, employee identities are well protected by storing access tokens in a secure environment.

In Windows 10 Enterprise, endpoints are well managed from one interface to another, allowing the business to have a full picture of the computing environment. Some of the environments include the control panel, installed application, running application and most importantly, the threat status.

Enable Secure Productivity

No matter how secure technology can be rated, it will be rendered useless in a working environment if it doesn’t yield at most productivity. The windows 10 home to professional upgrade, on the other hand, comes with impressive security features, OS power and most importantly, utmost productivity. There are a number of features that put windows 10 Enterprise on the front page when it comes productivity and universal Windows app functionality that allows for a seamless experience on different devices. Using the adjustable Snap users can have more than two windows side by side on one screen. In addition to this, there is the cloud support for Azure Active Directory which mainly enables users to log in to their cloud-based services (Like Office 365) without using credentials,and this also eliminates the need to remember IDs and passwords. Using windows 10, Microsoft works to combine the best aspects of the user experience right from Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Making it more straightforward and manageable.


Scalability and Affordability

Generally, many businesses are with an ebb and flow of personnel. People often come and go leaving their technology useless. Using the cloud solution provide (CSP) in Windows 10 Enterprise, you have the benefit of pay as you go subscription model. This means that small business has the ability to scale up or down per user or per month pricing or on any preferred change. It also means that a cloud solution provides – corps – can have new employees are reassigned the licenses as required.

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