3 Benefits That You Can Gain From RFID Technology

RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields for the rapid identification of animals, objects and RFID tags. It has been used in the different processes in the clothing field, such as manufacturing, distribution, automatic object tracking, warehousing, and others. The followings are some advantages of using rfid textile management in your company.

  • Enhanced information sharing 

There are many developments in the interaction between various departments in the organization by using RFID technology. Without any hassle, you can share information between supply chain partners.

  • Prevent theft 

By using this technology, you can prevent theft in your textile company. It is an anti-theft system that provides you peace of mind. This technology enables the automatic identification of the container, items and others without contact between tag and reader. It helps to increase stock control in the textile supply chain management.

  • Easy tracking 

You can use RFID technology to track the shipping item easily. It guarantees quality management and increases the quality. RFID is the perfect solution to increase the supply chain effectively. Investing in the new technology helps you to stand out in the crowd.

How does NFC work?

NFC (near-field communication) enables the desktop, Smartphone and tablet to quickly transfer data with another NFC-enabled device. This technology is limited to communicate within three to four inches. Many people choose NFC due to its security and ease to use. If NFC social sharing tag is in range, it communicates immediately and sends quickly to users. It doesn’t need manual pairing to share data from one device to another. The NFC-enabled device uses a lower battery to work, and you can gain lots of benefits.

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