3 Common Types of Indoor Fountains Sydney


Pleasing and relaxing – these are the two things that come to your mind when you hear the sound of trickling water. And as people can’t go near a natural fountain when they want, they are adding fountains in their empty spaces to promote a soothing environment. According to Feng Shui, flowing water symbolises wealth and prosperity. So, an indoor water element like a fountain not only offers a focal point in your decor but also promotes good fortune.

Nowadays, fountains are available in various sizes, materials, styles, textures and colours – ranging from traditional and rustic to dramatic ones. With so many varieties available, it is easy to get confused. But considering the purpose of installing it can make the choice easy for you.

To help you, here we have listed down a few types of fountains Sydney that you can add –

  1. Floor Fountain

Floor fountains reflect a traditional spirit. Generally, made from terracotta or stone, these fountains can be installed indoors. Choose an indoor spot in your home or office that not only grabs the eyeballs but also does not get in people’s way. It is because you don’t want your guests to walk around your water feature every time they get up to take a leak. If you have a large living space, install a huge water fountain. For a narrow space, go for a smaller one. But you should always make sure that your furniture doesn’t compete for attention with your fountain.

  1. Wall Fountain

These fountains are modern and contemporary in terms of their design. Huge wall fountains are generally installed in hotel lobbies and public spaces to add dimension to high traffic areas. If you have a compact apartment, make the most of it. Incorporate a wall fountain in that area. The cascading sound of flowing water will live up to your home. And if you have some open space, a wall fountain in stone or concrete will look great.

  1. Tabletop Fountain

Does the above-mentioned idea seem too permanent to you? Do you want to dip your toes into water? Then, a tabletop water fountain is what you are looking for. A two-tiered or three-tiered indoor water fountain made out of stone will look great in your entryway or even by side of a window. If you have a balcony, although a tiny one, a tabletop piece will look great there. Consider your personality and choose a tabletop fountain that will instantly lift the corner of your living room. If you are ready to go bold, install it on a side table and allow its energy to flow through your seating area.

Besides the mentioned ones, you can also have various choices, including Cascade fountain, Amore fountain, Amphora fountain, Aegean fountain, Bailamos fountain and more. If you have any other specific requirement in mind or if you want to beautify your space with glazed pots, plants or something else, then buy it from a reputable store now. Create a unique look with your choices.

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