3 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Dog: Holiday season, dog bow tie


There’s no better way to show your pup some love than with a festive bow tie. No matter the time of year, these three ideas will make your pup look smart and stylish.


Tired of buying the same-old bows for your pup every time? This DIY dog bow tie is a great option, if you want to do something a little different. Simply cut a piece of fabric, faux fur, or ribbon to fit around your dog’s neck and knot it in the back for a fun and fashionable look.


If you’re searching for a more environmentally-friendly option, consider using recycled materials when making your dog bow tie. Look for pieces of old scarves, belts, and skirts that you can use to create the perfect fit around a pet. Artificial fiber is also another great choice if your pet has sensitive skin.


If glitter isn’t your thing, consider using candy canes as the basis for your pup’s new look. Cut strips of candy cane, then tie them into an X shape at the back of your dog’s neck. Make sure that the strips don’t get stuck in their hair though! You could also brush some sparkles onto them before tying it on.

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