3 E-cigarettes for Beginners

E-cigarettes have got to be one of the most remarkable trends currently affecting the art of smoking. Young smokers keep leaning towards the consumption of safe chemical flavors, while some conventional tobacco smokers are already quitting in favor of e-cigs. Either way, most people consider the battery-powered devices as better alternatives to regular tobacco.

If you’re new to vaping or fancy having an electronic cigarette, there are things you’ll need to consider before purchasing one. Do note, however, that e-cigarettes (or vape pens) come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and capabilities. There are scores of manufacturers producing these electronic devices and an even more expansive selection of e-liquid options to choose from. As experts, the following are different types of e-cigarettes we recommend for beginners.

Disposable Minis

This e-cigarette type has a simple structure and is very similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes. It has the most appropriate name given since it is small, disposable, and non-rechargeable build. It can’t be refilled after the e-liquid is used up, its flavor is bland, and the vapors aren’tas cloudy as other sophisticated e-cigs. It is, however, a cost-saving option for smokers as one disposable mini (cost: around $5 – $10), It is roughly equivalent to two packs of tobacco cigarettes or several refills of Dr Grabow. You can get one at any cigarette store near you.

Rechargeable Cigarlikes

The rechargeable cigarlike is more of an upgraded version of the disposable mini. The differences are that they are rechargeable, better flavored, and can be used over and over since you can add new cartridges (known as a cartomizer) of nicotine and non-nicotine solutions to enjoy your favorite flavors. Also, it is cheaper and relatively healthier than tobacco cigarettes, but don’t expect thick clouds of vapor.

Vape Pods

Vape pods are newer products in the market; they gained much market traction after Juul Pods’ success. They are quite different from the cigarlikes because they are more prominent, and the cartomizer is replaced with disposable pods that contain the atomizer and e-liquid. Vape pods seem to be the attraction for smokers who want to quit smoking. However, it is not a cheaper substitute. With vape pods, you can relish even thicker and sweeter vapes and flavors, respectively.

Final Thoughts

It’s not disastrous to start your vaping experience with much bigger vape pens, box mods, or squonk mods. Nonetheless, we recommend that beginners start with less sophisticated models of e-cigarettes.

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