3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Knees from Wear and Tear

People searching for Performance Pain knee pain treatment Bordentown NJ can benefit from being aware of how we create wear and tear on our knees from everyday activity. Your knees are so important to everyday function and an active lifestyle. Here are three easy ways to protect your knees and to reduce wear and tear from the folks at Performance Pain.

1. Stretch and Strengthen the Muscles Around Your Knee

Individuals looking for a back pain doctor Edgewater NJ should know the importance of stretching and muscle strengthening to prevent aches and pains. The same goes for your knees! For stretching, several poses in yoga that address the muscles around your knees.

For example, the reclining hero pose can stretch and strengthen the muscles around your knees at the same time. For strengthening, try lunges or step-ups. Be sure to do your lunges and step-ups slowly to receive maximum benefit.

2. Do More Low Impact Cardio Exercises

Many people like to run for their cardio exercise, which is fine, but be sure to switch it up to other low impact cardio exercises to prevent wear and tear on your knees. A great low impact cardio exercise is swimming. Swimming not only is a great cardio exercise, but it also builds muscle strength, increases overall endurance, and has minimal impact on your joints.

Another great low impact exercise is cycling. Cycling again gives you a great cardio exercise that builds endurance without the impact on your knees. It’s great if you are a runner, but make sure to switch it up to prevent long term damage on your knee joints.

3. Periodically Apply Heat to Your Knees

When you are sitting at home watching a movie, or simply relaxing, take a thermal pad, or hot water bottle, wrap it in a towel, and lay it on your knees. The heat will instantly begin to increase the circulation in your joints relieving any aches and pains. Even if you are not experiencing aches and pains, a little heat is beneficial to increase blood flow and knee pain prevention.

Need to Find a Chronic Pain Specialist?

People who are experiencing pain and looking for Performance Pain stem cell therapy in Bordentown NJ can also benefit from these tips to protect their knees. Knee pain is no joke and can be debilitating if not properly prevented and treated.

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