3 Exciting Upgrades by Google for Chrome Users

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in the market, which has lots of great features in it, and now Google has made the Chrome browser even more impressive by adding lots of new features in it. So, let us learn about these features in detail.

Shared Password Support

Google Chrome now allows iPhone users to access and use its stored password in other apps. This is a fantastic feature that has been added by Google for iOS users, which will allow them to use Google Chrome as a password manager to quickly sign in other apps using the passwords stored in their Google Chrome browser. To use this feature, all you have to do is go to “Passwords & Accounts,” “Autofill Passwords,” and then Select “Chrome.”

3 Exciting Upgrades by Google for Chrome Users

Note: This feature is only available for the people who have signed for the beta test program of the Google Chrome browser.

Tab Collapsing

Using this feature, you can easily collapse/hide all your tabs into a group and make your browser look much cleaner, especially if you are someone who opens lots of tabs in Chrome while using it. Additionally, Chrome has also added the “Tab Group Collapse Freezing” feature in Chrome, which ensures that all the collapsed tabs do not use your computer memory and other resources. To enable “Tab Group Collapse” feature:

  1. Go to “chrome://flags/#tab-groups-collapse”.
  2. Now choose the “Enabled” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Next, relaunch your browser to enable the “Tab Groups Collapse” feature.
  4. Now create a group of tabs and give it a name/label.
  5. Finally, hit the group icon to collapse/hide all the tabs of the group.

Biometric Authentication 

It is another great feature that is going to be added by Google for its Android users to ensure the safety of their saved cards and transactions on Google Chrome. Before introducing this feature, we have to search for our card and enter its CVC/CVV number to complete the transaction and make payments. But now Google Chrome will use biometric authentication to authenticate your online transactions. Awesome, right?


Amazingly, Google has decided to add so many great features on Google Chrome browser to make the life of its users a little easier, and we can’t wait for the official release of these features on Google Chrome.

Do you like these new features or want some other features on Google Chrome? If yes, then do let us know about your opinion and the features that you want to see in Google Chrome in the comment section below.

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